Woodlands Vegetarian South Indian Kitchen, Chandler, AZ.

Although Sujatha & Srini are no longer managing Woodlands restaurant, the chef there, who makes the dosas did not move with them! As a consequence, the prime reasons of attraction towards Woodlands prevail, not to mention the prices, and the fast-food ambience! My review of Woodlands from last June, in metromix Phoenix still holds, I’d say… 5 stars***** based strictly on good food-reasonable pricing-pleasing ambience criteria.

While on the subject, although I’m eager to see the Kongaras succeed at their new restaurant in Tempe, AZ  (my genuinely constructive efforts to contribute towards its success should be proof of my sentiments), I’m immensely disappointed with the progress on their Kabab Palace AZ website. Computer viruses frightening off visitors off their site may well deter the best of their customers from also their newly acquired restaurant! Wake up, guys! What a shame… a waste of all my early-stage marketing & advertising efforts!


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