Pay-as-you-throw… Tax on Trash!

Not yet here in the US, but could soon be, if local governments take cue from the UK. From some of the comments, it appears that even in the US some form of tax is levied on different types of garbage - recycling, organic yard trash. Apparently, you cannot trust your neighbors... some fear that … Continue reading Pay-as-you-throw… Tax on Trash!


A story of human resilience… and society’s humaneness!

Tales of compassion, resilience towards life's adversities, and stories of hope in the face of unthinkable challenges are always so fascinating... I just finished reading one such story, "The Hard and the Soft", brought to us by op-ed columnist, David Brooks, of The New York Times. Speaking of Norway's winnings at the recent Winter Olympics, he … Continue reading A story of human resilience… and society’s humaneness!

Getting nostalgic… about New York City

Soon it will be a year since I left New York!  As spring creeps up here, I'm beginning to miss those day-long trips to NYC! Aching for a change from the wintry whites and suburban life on Long Island, my escape to Manhattan with its urban cityscape used to provide me with all the forms … Continue reading Getting nostalgic… about New York City

Monday morning blues… it’s that darned typo!

However, this may draw a smile... reproduced from The Shawinigan Standard - December 24, 1947.