Apni Dilli, Unke Khel… Our Delhi, Their Games… a musical satire!

Delhiites, and non-Delhiites, Indians and Indians abroad, sports fans and even those with merely a faint interest in sports, are all pretty much disgusted by the way The Games have turned out… nothing but scummy flotsam… yuck!

Diatribe about the Commonwealth Games is all over the virtual world as well. Here’s  asurband’s music video on YouTube that appeared in my mail-box a short while back, as a ‘forward’ from a friend… people are expressing their wrath about this issue in whichever medium that works for them; no, I’m not alone.

If you’re a YouTube subscriber, please do log on; I urge you to leave your comments… if you understand Hindi you’ll get the subtle nuances and understand the plight of the local people… if not, the visuals speak, so watch the video anyways! In karaoke style, read the text that scrolls, and sing along.

I feel sad for those who have suffered on account of these games… no, not The Games, but the games that politicians have played for decades since India’s Independence way back in 1947. It seems there’s no stopping them! I wonder what will??? I guess, nothing… they have no shame.

Some of us left India; others left and have returned to India with renewed hope. It doesn’t matter… politicians treat the common people like they were animals! Oops… sorry, people; in Dilli, animals get royal treatment… they’re allowed to run loose in the village to play at The Commonwealth Games, or was it to scare away South African athletes – – the few who dared to come to India to play, all the commotion and the falling bridge notwithstanding.


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