Eat, Play, Love… watch The Games begin!

October is here.

The dawn of 2nd October, reminds me of  Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary (141st) … reminding me also that it’s time for reconciliation and rapprochement. I, for one, have critiqued India aplenty this past week, but now with just a day to go, on the eve of the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi,  my best wishes are with all participating athletes, with participating countries, and of course, with India who plays host to representatives of 71 participating nations!

It’s a time when the focus for athletes is to win that medal for their country, and for themselves; but for India… her focus must remain on, “Atithi devo bhavah“, which, translated from Sanskrit means, “A guest (in my home) is God himself”.

A warm welcome, good food, safe, secure and a clean environment; and may the visitors return to their homes with their medals, but more importantly, with wonderful memories of their experiences… and exotic tales of a nation brimming with paradoxes, that perplexes the most agile or sharpest mind.

Shera, here we come… share our passion… eat, play, love… watch The Games begin!


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