Fallacies… and false hopes about Law School.

Talking about fallacies, going to law school in the hope of making millions seems to be a fallacy, as many recent law graduates are soon learning. If anything, enrolling at law school may spell doom, or gloom, for well over a decade; in this failing economy… consider it more of a prophecy.

Indeed, steeped deep into student loans of hundreds of thousands of dollars towards three years of law school, lawyers are finding it hard to find jobs in law firms. Instead, fresh lawyers may find themselves serving freshly baked apple pie, or a McDouble, while their hopes melt fast in bowls of Cinnamon Melt! Speaking of which, surely you’ve heard the cliché, “Law school is a pie-eating contest, where the first  prize is more pie!”. For those fortunate, who’ve found work at law firms, more hours on their time-sheets brings more money into their bank accounts… but wait, there’s a catch! Stifled in their lawsuits, chained to their chairs, or poring over law journals makes Larry or Lawrie a rather dull companion (persons), or wouldn’t you agree?

Worse still, while law firms here are eliminating entry-level legal jobs, someone must still do the grunge work! Well, what do you know? Outsourcing companies abroad, or temporary workers – locally, or abroad – are more than happy to take on these tasks, and I daresay, the law firms here meet with success, smug as they sit tight on their black bottom-lines!

So… think again, before you sign up at a law school, no matter how attractive they make it for you to do so! Be aware, that for every 25 students a law school attracts, that’s a million bucks directly in their coffers… on the other hand, you, from the word ‘go’, will be indebted to the Sally Mae’s of the world, for years to follow… Effectively, you may well kiss your youth goodbye, and say ‘hello’ to sorrows. Sorry, for sounding pessimistic about your dream-profession!

Consult another lawyer for their opinion on this, but do you think you’ll get an honest answer? As they say, stay within the law, but do try staying away from lawyers for as long as you can… you’ll be better off.


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