Scenic View along Hwy 1, California.

Scenic View along Hwy 1, California. by chitralekhan That's right... California State Route 1 begins around Los Angeles and runs north-south. Now that's where the East-West running Historic Route 66 ends! Where there's beauty, can history be far behind... ๐Ÿ˜‰

A breath of fresh air…

A breath of fresh air... seagull, watching... California. by chitralekhan When I'm thirsting to see the vast ocean... and craving for some cool breeze, the drive can be several thousand miles... or, hundreds... all the way to the Pacific Coast! If only one could fly... quite like a seagull! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Shooting Stars!

Shooting Stars! by chitralekhan   You just learned you're pregnant... you're overjoyed, and share your thrill with all who care to listen to you.Well, when this phony palm sprouts new shoots, my heart sings with joy... yeah, another 'phony' ๐Ÿ˜‰ joins our family! Alas, one that's not quite as famous as the Ponytail Palm (that's … Continue reading Shooting Stars!

Kajal & Kanku

Kajal & Kanku by chitralekhan In silver... to cherish & treasure. ๐Ÿ™‚

Victorian House, Show Low, AZ

Victorian House, Show Low, AZ by chitralekhan Don't stop... restoration in progress! Well, last October, on a day trip to Show Low, I snapped this house in a flash! No, I did not buy it... I wish! Though, if I recall right, property prices were so low (no pun intended) at the time, I could … Continue reading Victorian House, Show Low, AZ

Buddhist Monks at Nalanda

Buddhist Monks at Nalanda by chitralekhan Modern day monks... at the ancient center of learning, in Bihar, India. When I visited Nalanda in November of 1996, it was the Chinese Year of the Monkey... 4694 Bing-Shen! So, "What's the context?" you may well ask... well, among the Buddhist Jataka Tales, is also a delightful but … Continue reading Buddhist Monks at Nalanda

Sports and silhouettes after sunset… California!

Sports and silhouettes after sunset... California! Originally uploaded by chitralekhan Heard of parasailing, paragliding, parachuting... now here's some kitesurfing, or you may also hear of kiteboarding... a fine example of Extreme Sports... they're such a pretty sight... awesome!

The Ruins of Nalanda University

The ruins of Nalanda UniversityOriginally uploaded by chitralekhan The excavated remains of an ancient center of learning... from over 2000 years ago! I may not be able to visit Taxila (now in modern-day Pakistan) in this lifetime, but was very fortunate to be able to walk around on the very same grounds of Nalanda where, … Continue reading The Ruins of Nalanda University

Plan of excavated ruins: Ancient Nalanda University

Plan of excavated ruins: Ancient Nalanda UniversityOriginally uploaded by chitralekhan Layout of Nalanda University, (Bihar), India: one of the ancient higher-learning institutions, particularly for Buddhist monks from near & the Far East... think 5th & 6th centuries B.C. Alas, it still remains among UNESCO's tentative lists of designated World Heritage sites:ย  Excavated Remains at Nalanda … Continue reading Plan of excavated ruins: Ancient Nalanda University