Rajeev introduced me to these entrepreneurs… virtually!

Blink an eye and a whole month goes by... goodbye August, but not before a mention that I was in august company today... umm, well, that's sort of stretching the truth. Okay, so these were people I watched online in brief interviews posted to YouTube - 5 minutes to 15 minutes each... but oh, they … Continue reading Rajeev introduced me to these entrepreneurs… virtually!


Giant Black Beetle… Palo Verde Root Borer

Right now, we're struggling to rid our yard of this Giant Palo Verde Root Borer Beetle we spotted last night crawling (actually, walking) in the dark, close to the patio! Quickly placed a pot over it - closest at hand. Ugh... on the one hand, we don't want to kill it; on the other, we … Continue reading Giant Black Beetle… Palo Verde Root Borer

Hah! Who fooled me?

Yeah, I got fooled... not on All Fool's day, not today, nor yesterday. Everyday, for the past  eight months, and especially over the last few days, I've looked at some archives of my photos! I've searched, and searched, and searched deeper for pictures I would like the world to see... even if they aren't exactly … Continue reading Hah! Who fooled me?

You read my mind!

Imagine you're chatting with someone, either in person (which is so rare these days, unless you're a Mom, or Dad to a pre-tween kid); or you're on the phone (but chances are you don't do that either, unless YOU feel like talking to a real person); or then you're chatting online (more like the way … Continue reading You read my mind!

Fired enough…

Fired enough... but the boats aren't sailing! by chitralekhan But will these boats go fishing?

West View… looking up

West View... way up by chitralekhan The moon was awesome... although it was the morning of 3rd August, 2012... I could see the residual beauty of Narali Purnima... a reward for rising early! 😉

Day break… August 3, 2012

Day break... August 3 2012 by chitralekhan It's almost 6.15 a.m... again, the sun's in hiding... but will soon be blazing! On the west, the full moon is still way up!

The Getty Center, LA, California…

The Getty Center, LA, California by chitralekhan Awesome architecture; I love the geometry, minimalistic design, shades of just whites used extensively! Photographed this on a recent visit to Los Angeles.