Hah! Who fooled me?

Yeah, I got fooled… not on All Fool’s day, not today, nor yesterday.

Everyday, for the past  eight months, and especially over the last few days, I’ve looked at some archives of my photos! I’ve searched, and searched, and searched deeper for pictures I would like the world to see… even if they aren’t exactly the Ansel Adams kind. How can they be so, ’cause I’m an amateur photographer, besides, I rarely take b/w photos. There are some awesome photos I’ve seen here on wordpress (bloggers, those who have awesome pix, I’ve paid you a compliment each, right?) though. I could have looked on Flickr, or Shutterbug, or browsed through Getty images, but, wait, this post is not about photography, (sorry, I digressed) it’s about who fooled me, recall? 😉 😦

But why did the subject of photos creep into my writing here? Is it because I’m not focused? 😉 You see that, right? But of course, you do… is it in my photographs, or in my writing, or in my thoughts! It’s I who cannot see it… umm, is it ‘I’ or should it be ‘me’? Which of these pronouns should it be?  Do I need to go back to high school grammar? (‘I’, I know that for certain) 😉 Whoa… and I thought I could take up some professional writing again. But does it really matter? Grammar seems to be of such little consequence in these days of flash messaging, symbols, and sextext. Also, with each passing year, there are numerous additions to the English vocabulary… ever looked at ‘urban dictionary’ (does any kid refer to The Oxford English Dictionary anymore, or, to Webster’s Dictionary, for that matter)? Who knows if grammar – as we knew it, once upon a time (may have to peek at the Way Back Machine),  is also morphing  into a form that may soon be hard to recognize! In a world that’s spinning on speed reading, the length of my text thus far, is already way too long…

Okay, so my point is that, to speak to, or to grab the attention of anyone, marketers must speak the language of their target audience. Now, if I want to capture the 15-25 teen-adult attention through my word-net, shouldn’t my lingo match theirs? (Yeah, yeah, would have to keep my wits together for that). How do I do that? How should I hold the attention of that  ‘youth’ out there? Stay focused, I say to myself. But if parents – are finding it hard to speak to their own kids (that is when they do get to speak to them), how is the marketer to succeed in grabbing attention, leave alone  retaining youth attention. How does the copywriter succeed?

Billions of dollars worth of goods and services are being marketed across the globe, and a larger chunk of this population internationally constitutes the Boomerang generation, more simply referred to as Gen Y of the new millennium… or call it the youth bulge. As a business content writer, it is key to be able to write copy that is keyword heavy and search friendly. About the tricks of the search marketing trade I will revisit some other time. Nevertheless, I consider this a diabolical situation. To write well for business, one needs to be experienced enough. If you’re experienced, chances are you’re already too old to speak the parlance of this crowd (not coterie) aka Peter Pan. See the irony?

Well, so… in an effort to start again with some meaningful writing, albeit random, I reverted to this space on words-n-motion. But the words were hard to find. I took the shortcut and delved into photo archives instead, plugged in a few descriptive words (with a nudge from the blog-platform designer/architects), and voilà… I had my blog going again… revived. Yes, this fooled nobody, but yours truly! I fooled me… grammar begone, the joke’s on me!  But before I go…  will hum along while I listen to Robin (r.i.p.) 😦  as he sings ‘I started a joke’ (Bee Gees).


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