Giant Black Beetle… Palo Verde Root Borer

Right now, we’re struggling to rid our yard of this Giant Palo Verde Root Borer Beetle we spotted last night crawling (actually, walking) in the dark, close to the patio! Quickly placed a pot over it – closest at hand.

Ugh… on the one hand, we don’t want to kill it; on the other, we don’t want it destroying plant roots. Apparently, mature fellas don’t eat for an entire month; then they die – once they’re done with their mating chase dance etc…

Right now, in the morning, it’s suffering in the hot sun… sorry about that… but can’t bring it inside the house! Am seeking suggestions!

Wanna take a look at what it looks like? Well, I found this site; appears the person’s a scientist… and knows all there is to know about this beetle. We’re talking about the southwest!

Well, even as I blog about this, the sun is blazing hot outside; we’ve replaced the pot with a largish glass vase over it. Sounds cruel, I know… sorry. It’s probably running out of steam – air & water… that’s life, right? Time over.

A few more minutes before it passes, I think… 😦 😦


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