Rajeev introduced me to these entrepreneurs… virtually!

Blink an eye and a whole month goes by… goodbye August, but not before a mention that I was in august company today… umm, well, that’s sort of stretching the truth.

Okay, so these were people I watched online in brief interviews posted to YouTube – 5 minutes to 15 minutes each… but oh, they were so inspiring, I felt was right amidst them, as I listened to every word they spoke.  These folks are not exactly Steve Jobs, Larry Page, or Mark Zuckerberg… (at least not yet) but they’re people who’ve worked hard, are still forging forth, step-by-step, realizing their dreams… challenges notwithstanding. For me, such people are truly inspiring.

In fact, the man to introduce me to all these people is himself an accomplished man –  “Young Turk” – as he was referred to… says, “In life it is okay to get speeding tickets; but parking tickets are a no-no!”… interesting, if you think about it. 🙂

I listened to Sachin Garg, Rohith Bhat, Pankaj Dugar, and Jonathan Simnett. The first three guys are tech savvy entrepreneurs from whom many of us could learn a thing or two… Jonathan, the PR man, had a few profound words to say… my ears caught on to these words of wisdom… “I think authenticity, honesty, leadership are back because there is nowhere to hide.” Incidentally, he was on the panel of judges for the prestigious Stevie Awards (for Business); ostensibly the awards are equivalent to The Oscars in the movie business.

In this age of social media and networks, authenticity & honesty take on another meaning… in my headline and opening lines was I speaking the truth, or was I bending it? Something to think about? How often do we resort to this – at work, or in our online virtual world? I’m thinking of all the reviews I read for products and services… are they all truthful, or is it a small bend here, and a little twist there? Amazon, are you listening? Or do we Yelp!

Rajeev… may be you’ll read my message congratulating you for a job well done on a social media network. Now that was genuine! 🙂 Again, thank you.


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