Sticky factor… more than a simple marketing term!

Many of you hip folks are now bored of the ‘f’ word, and have moved on, I presume… but I have yet to cross that threshold… Hey, what were you thinkin’ about? I was referring to facebook…  the resting point for over a billion people across the globe every month… yay, I have these numbers from reliable sources…  nay, not from the horse’s mouth, but almost! ヅ

Stickiness translates to Number of Active Users!

So what is it that brings us to fB and keeps us glued out there? In tech parlance, this refers to their site’s ‘stickiness’. Current-day marketers go bonkers over these ‘numbers’… stuff like “for how long did I – the user – stay on the site?”; how many pages did s/he visit, or how often do we revisit fB, etc… The marketing Merlin then uses such ‘insights’ to tweak the website further, to improve these numbers – increase session time, total # of page views, etc.; in effect, they strive to improve the sticky factor. But here’s what I think… the resultant stress from too much of number crunching may well cause some severe cases of TMJ – temporo mandibular joint disorder – basically a painful jaw – caused by teeth clenching, stress, and other such!

Speaking of teeth, stickiness, crunching… I’m reminded of my delectable recipe – no, not for disaster – but from dates, primarily! Gooey sticky, crunchy, and super delicious! That’s my Date Taffy! To begin, here’s my ‘short’ story on ‘dates’… now, you’ve heard of “yang” (i.e. ‘heaty’) foods, right? Well, ‘dates’ are yang (as opposed to yin)… (Do I hear you mumble, ‘naturally’?).  ヅ Eat them raw (as in from a pack of seedless dates) or, borrow my recipe… (just think of it as my hard work towards ‘page stickiness’)! Carry some in a zip-lock bag; in a nutshell, these delightful dates are great company! By now you really think I’m nuts! ヅ ツ

Date Taffy Squares: Recipe
In a wide pan, warm one tablespoonful of Ghee (clarified butter); to this, add 2 cups of chopped dates. Stir continuously until the dates turn viscous. Add a few coarsely ground almonds & pistachios, some crushed walnuts may be; stir, and pour this viscous mixture into a greased deep dish. Spread evenly. Pat it down quickly with a spatula, or better still the back of a small bowl. Cut into squares, but do not remove from plate until after it all cools and firms up. Gently remove one by one, and store in a container. Enjoy some, bit by bit now, and some more later… yummy, especially on winter days… & for dessert after dinner time! ¯(ツ)/¯


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