Do you mosey?

WordPress, twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, tumblr, flickr, mosey… yes, mosey, and the list goes on. Nosy, then stay on. Knowledgeable, or if you’re simply not interested in what I’m about to express… then please feel free to move on.

Have you noticed how these wordpress blog posts (not on tblog, blogspot, or is it  blogger… oh, how did I miss those earlier!) seem to get farther apart? Indeed, there’s only so much I can tweet, pin, tumble, post, fb, flick, link to, or pick my mosey… yes mosey.

However correct the word may be – mosey does exist in the dictionary (well, to be honest, I did have to look it up when I stumbled upon it yesterday). The following is the first among Google’s ‘organic’ search results.


verb: mosey; 3rd person present: moseys; past tense: moseyed; past participle: moseyed; gerund or present participle: moseying
  1. 1.
    walk or move in a leisurely manner.
    “we decided to mosey on up to Montgomery”

noun: mosey; plural noun: moseys
  1. 1.
    a leisurely walk or drive.

The next one reads as follows:

Mosey: Welcome

Mosey allows you to create, curate and plan adventures. It’s the perfect way to respond to the question “Hey, I’m going to be in your town. What should I do?”

About – ‎The Ultimate Tourist – ‎Shopping – ‎Sign Up
Nosy as I am (not considered a virtue) but if you prefer to refer to me as “Curious George” I’m okay with that. Curiosity is a virtue in some circles (scientific, American, archaeologists, biologists, explorers, travelers… ) and truly, due to at least some interest, and/or a wee bit of knowledge in all of the above) would likely squeeze into at least a few of these categories… Well, you reckon I’m monkeying around? No, sir!
Oh, where was I… nosy as I am, I peeked into Mosey. Then, I was thinking, is it a morphed version of flickr, instagram, or some other “been there-done that-what-a-great-life-I-lead-you-must-envy-me” sort of spot to park at? Well, so I haven’t signed up… not yet, but does that mean I never will? Well, as they say, “Never say never”.  Now, would you believe it, I happen to be one of those laggards (for the marketing segmentation folks) who joined facebook just over two years ago. Yes, and if I’m not mistaken, very soon the facebook fellas) should be celebrating their tenth anniversary. Rumors suggest that the ‘kids’ — the early adopters — of facebook have jumped ship to move on to other planets where no man, woman or parent has been before! Could they be hanging out on Mosey? I don’t know. 😉
But now here’s what I’ve noticed on facebook…  many of those who joined the social networking platform early on, are silent observers, inactive, or just hang in there either because their friends, or kids are there. They have little to say… or the max they may ‘do’ in terms of ‘activity’ is ‘share’ (the equivalent of ‘forward’ on email from the dinosaur era), or hit ‘like’. Some do neither, nor have comments… are they even there? If not, then where? Are they busy tweeting on smartphones? Well, a restriction of 140 characters can be quite a challenge for many… there’s little room for verbose, so knock out ‘prose’. There’s room for poetry, but a debate on philosophy? Well, you can flirt with it… just reach out for quotes from Confucius, or quote Kabir… you can by-pass confusion, appear knowledgeable, be a ‘guru’, start a ‘think tank’ be a ‘thought leader’ (yikes)! Then you have have several hundred followers, and you follow an equal number — including those who follow you, give-take a few… sum that up. You scratch my back, I scratch yours… yadda yadda yadda!
No, Mosey must wait… not with bated breath though… will they care whether I join them, or not… I think not… not with 6.999 billion others on this planet they can cozy up with.

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