This post is just the first in a series I hope to create, towards my refresher and personal education on classical Indian sangeet. So as to recognize the raag when I listen to Hindi film songs, I’m searching for videos that are not too complex in content. The more one listens, the easier it would be to recognize a raag. So… here I go. 🙂 YouTube has most of these songs, hence will not add links, but I would copy-paste the song from here into YouTube to listen to it. I haven’t tried embedding videos here, but 🙂 I may try embedding just one. 😉

The ubiquitous Raag Darbari Kanada was composed by Sangeet Samrat  Tansen who sang in Emperor Akbar’s court. Raag Karnaj – referred to in historical times, as in a 1550 Rajasthani Painting where you see a reference to this, is this same Raag popularly known later on as Kanada. While similar to Raag Jaunpuri, Raag Asaavari and Raag Adaana, it needs to be distinguished from these, especially from Adaana – hence pay attention to manda saptak and poorvang. As all raags have a specific time of day when they are most appropriate for, this one is to be played or sung in the dark hours of the night.

It is a Sampoorna Raag with Ati Komal Gandharva; Komal Nishadh & Komal Dhaivat. Avroha swar in Vakra gati. In this raag, Sringar & Bhakti rass are audible extensively; also Haasya, occasionally.

An example where Ati Komal Dh, Ati Komal Ga are pronounced is this patriotic song from Shaheed as follows.

Legend: Composer = C, Lyricist = L; Singer = S

Shaheed (1965) Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai – C =  Prem Dhawan; L = Ram Prasad; S = Manna Dey, Mohammed Rafi, Rajendra Mehta;

Another place to visit with interesting visuals and entire lyrics in poetry form are here:

Other Hindi Film songs based on Raag Darbari Kanada are as follows:

Baiju Bawra ( 1952) O duniya ke rakhwale – C = Naushad; L = Shakeel Badayuni; S = Mohommad Rafi

Aap ki Parchhaiyan (1964) – Agar mujh se muhabbat hai toh mujhe sab apne gham de do – C = Madan Mohan; L = Raja Mehdi Ali Khan; S = Lata Mangeshkar

Arzoo (1950) – Ai dil mujhe aisi jagah le chal jahaan koi na ho – C = Anil Biswas; L = Majrooh Sultanpuri; S = Talat Mahmood

Saathi (1968) – Bhool jaa jo chalaa gaya ussey bhool jaa; C = Naushad; L = Majrooh Sultanpuri; S = Mukesh

Vishwas (1969) – Chandi ki deevar na todi pyar bhara dil tod diya; C = Kalyanji Anand ji; L = Gulshan Bawra; S = Mukesh

Noor Mahal (1965) — Mere Mehboob na ja Aaj ki raat na jaa; C = Jani Babu Qawwal; L = Saba Afghani; S = Suman Kalyanpur

Aap ki Parchhaiyan (1964) – Main nigahen tere chehre se hataaoon kaise – C = Madan Mohan; L = Raja Mehdi Ali Khan; S = Mohommad Rafi

Rani Roopmati (1957) – Udd jaa Bhanwar Maya Kamal ka aaj bandhan tod ke: C = S N Tripathi;  L = Bharat Vyas;  S = Manna Dey

Mere Huzoor (1968) – Jhanak Jhanak Tori Baaje Paayalia –  C = Shankar-Jaikishan; L = Hasrat Jaipuri; S = Manna Dey

Kaajal (1965) – Tora Mann darpan Kehlaaye – C = Ravi; L = Sahir Ludhianvi; S = Asha Bhosle

Anokhi Ada – Kabhi Dil dil se takraata to hoga – C = Naushad; L = ??; S = Mukesh

Ziddi (1964) – Pyar ki aag mein tan badan jal gaya –  C = S D Burman; L = Hasrat Jaipuri; S = Manna Dey

Awara (1951) – Hum Tujh se Mohabbat kar ke sanam C = Shankar-Jaikishan; L = Hasrat Jaipuri; S = Mukesh

Seema (1955) – Kahaan Jaa Rahaa Hai tu ai jaane vale; C – Shankar Jaikishan; L = Shailendra; S = Mohammad Rafi

Kanhaiya (1959) – Mujhe Tum se kuchh bhi na chaahiye; C = Shankar Jaikishan; L = Shailendra; S = Mukesh

Do Badan (1966) – Raha gardishon mein hardam; C = Ravi; L = Shakeel Badayuni; S = Mohommad Rafi

Bawre Nain (1950) – Teri Duniya mein Dil Lagtaa Nahin; C = Roshan; L = Kedar Sharma; S = Mukesh

Namak Halal  – Pug Ghunghroo Bandh Meera Naachi thi;

Laila Majnu –

Mujh ko Kuchh kehnaa Hai

Ganga ki lehrein

Sang Dil

Udan Khatola


Akhri Daanv

Maine Jeena Seekh Liya

Mehbooba (1954)

Suhani Chandni Raatein humein soney nahin deti

Tootey huey khwaabon ne hum ko sikhaya hai

Love in Tokyo (1966)Koi matvala aaya tere dwaare –

Mere Mehboob (1963)Yaad mein teri jaag jaag ke hum –  C = Naushad, L = Shakeel Badayuni, S = Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar

I may update this post in a bit. 😉

Thank you, Old is Gold on YouTube, for the information. Refer to


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