People, we’re always afraid!

Is that a bold statement, or is this something you always knew to be true?

Indeed, we are always afraid.

We’re afraid of holding a hand, of helping those in need – lest they take undue advantage of us going forward.

We’re afraid of loving someone – for fear of being let down.

We’re afraid of venturing far – it’s safe to be in familiar surroundings.

We’re afraid of another race – because they’re different from who we are.

We’re afraid of a child falling down – in case they never stand up again.

We’re afraid of a car breakdown – we’ll be late to work and who knows, even lose our job.

We’re afraid of aging – those who love us for our external beauty may be oblivious to who we really are.

We’re afraid of animals – because even our own kind lacks human kindness.

We’re afraid of losing a loved one – perhaps s/he is the only one who cares for us.

We’re afraid of disfigured people – not because they’re without feeling, but because we’ve lost our senses.

We’re afraid of riches – because if, and when those are gone, how will we fulfill our unlimited greed.

We’re afraid of poverty – because that’s a state you wish upon others.

We’re afraid of living – because the fear of death consumes us.

We’re afraid to speak up against bullies – because given the opportunity we all crave power.

We’re afraid of peace – because battles fuel our continual need for action.

We’re afraid to speak up against workplace harassment – because our job and raise may be in jeopardy.

We’re afraid to seek justice in a failing government – we’re uncertain if the next one will be better or worse.

We’re afraid to fire a mean school teacher – what if s/he’s well-connected and may usurp you instead.

We’re afraid of credit bureaus – because they can make or break our daily existence.

We’re afraid of rising costs – because our earnings and salaries may never catch up.

Can we go on? No doubt, we can – but we’re afraid the post gets too long, and no one will read it!


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