Lost blogs, photo logs, forgotten passwords, lost kingdoms.

In a not-so-arduous search for my blogs elsewhere, as well as photo blogs lost in cyberspace — either due to lost passwords, the popularity of Flickr or such; and in no small way due to change in computers – from desktops >> laptops >> notebooks, then on to mobile devices >> tablets and android phones; and also thanks to the cloud, DropBox, and browser-based SaaS, and such…. files have gone hither-thither while I myself may have gone asunder moving geographically from yonder. Back ups on floppy disks >> external drives, flash drives, pen drives; transparencies, mounted slides, photos >>cd>>digitally stored images; video >> cd >>>>> phew, I finally found a few – of my images online.


The sun had set on this kingdom, centuries ago.

Sitting on the rocky slopes at Hemkuth Hill, after a tiring but exciting day, taking in the stupendous sights of Hampi, I thought, “Even the most powerful of kingdoms has no escape from the setting sun.” Further on, I was thinking, “Here is this little temple – in Karnataka, India – and somehow, even in the fading light of dusk, it has its very own appeal and charm.”

(I’d posted this originally on July 22, 2005 on Fotolog)

TempleSilhouette_Badami_Fotolog_Chitralekhan Agastyatirth & Bhutanath (1997/’98)

At Badami, standing behind the red sandstone rocks, I was compelled to take this pix, despite my dear friend Chris deterring me from wasting a frame. Well, I just couldn’t leave the 7th century ancient India site without taking a shot. All I had with me then was an instamatic Canon that used film.

On May 31 2005 I posted this on Fotolog – truly, a decade ago!


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