Book Review: Directors’ Diaries. Author: Rakesh Anand Bakshi

Asking a film director the right questions is key. The doors opened. 🙂

Until you’ve written a book, published it, (and hopefully a few have read it) you are not an author. You’re not a film director until you have directed at least one film, it has been viewed by a spectrum of audiences and perhaps a few critics – if you’re both, worthy and fortunate (indifference and silence are worse). Rakesh Anand Bakshi has shared through his Directors’ Diaries, not just one story but he has brought to us the stories of 12 film directors from Indian Cinema. These men and women who walked the walk and talked the talk. Yes, that phrase may sound clichéed, but every film has not just its fictional story, but together, it also takes forward the collective hopes and aspirations of its entire cast and crew. The film’s director, through his/her focus & point of view transports the audience into another realm – all with the synergistic efforts of this entire team.

Now, if you wanted to be a film actor, editor, a cinematographer, a story/screenplay writer, or even another crew member working with film directors, this book is for you. If you just enjoy reading stories about real people, here are 12 who may inspire you. For some of the directors, their journeys were distinctly uncertain, for some it was a gradual progression towards a hazy goal. But for each of them, the ride towards their dream was long, never a straight line; it was strewn with unforeseen events, or serendipity shrouded at times in disappointments. They made films that are purely entertaining, or even deep and thought provoking. But who, or what inspired these 12 successful film directors to venture into cinema? I haven’t finished reading all 12 stories, but even after reading seven, I felt compelled to post this review. I look forward to reading this author’s next book, because through this all, his personal passion and understanding of the landscape are visible. Four stars for Directors’ Diaries — three for the author’s sheer effort; + fourth for the research, putting it all together, and giving it a coherent structure.The 5th star I will reserve, because isn’t there always room for improvement? 🙂

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