Daughters… they’re special!

Daughters... why are they special? Like dew drops, soothing. A balm for your slightest pain Crying silently, She hides her tears Fame with fortune for just one family... Who's that? Of course, your son He carries your name... Bringing respect-n-respectability to not one, but to two families; Who do you think that is...  No doubt, … Continue reading Daughters… they’re special!


Joy… you can hardly wait for more.

It's like butter You love it, You spread it It's like chocolate Once you taste it, You'll crave for it It's much like ice-cream Cool, Even refreshing It's like mamma's milk While babies thrive on it As adults We've forgotten it It's like music When you feel it Inside you You sing along Tap your … Continue reading Joy… you can hardly wait for more.