Daughters… they’re special!

Daughters… why are they special?

Like dew drops, soothing.

A balm for your slightest pain

Crying silently,

She hides her tears

Fame with fortune for just one family…

Who’s that? Of course, your son

He carries your name…

Bringing respect-n-respectability to not one, but to two families;

Who do you think that is…  No doubt, your daughter!

Who may give up her name… embracing another

One’s no less than the other…

Your son’s the star, diamond-like… bright, shining

Your daughter’s the hidden pearl… elegant, her luster brilliant

Call it nature, be it fate, or the ways of this strange world,

Treading the ground strewn with thorns, she walks alone,

Tender, flower-like, calming to your eyes… that is your daughter.

No, this isn’t blank verse,

Search for no meter, no beat, nor rhythm in these words,

But they’re not empty, and there is a rhyme and reason

About why they’re written

A cup of crystal-clear water,

Or the morning dew drop,

When you’re down, or feeling downright low

You’ll pick up the phone

To call someone…

What’s there to think

Who do you have

On speed dial

More than likely

There’s your daughter!

~ words-n-motion


3 thoughts on “Daughters… they’re special!

  1. What a beautiful tribute to daughters….they are not blank verse….what a thought..! they have rhyme and reason…..my mom will just cry if she reads this…..very nice Picto…..:)

    1. Sunainabhatia, “… my mom will just cry if she reads this…” A more genuine compliment I couldn’t ask for! Thank you. “Mere Desh Ki Mitti”… I will certainly visit soon, khushboo vahaan ki saundhi hee hogi, yakeen hai. 🙂

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