Please Mr Postman!

Post script

Post mortem

Post office

Post card

Post menopause

Post partum

Post natal


Post Oak

Post Industrial

Post War

Post Capitalism

Post Socialist

Post 9/11

Post 11/26

Post surgery

Post nasal

Post operative

Post graduate

Post doctoral

Post orbital

Write any number of posts in this era of facebook, wordpress, blogger, or comment as much as you like, post a post on facebook, wordpress, blogger or ‘post’ someone’s comment to add your two bits… but hey, what’s with “post-dinner”, “post my vacation”, “post my resignation”, “post losing my job”, “post posting my facebook post”…

Gee, what happened to ‘After‘, in this ‘Post’ aftermath! People, simple English works in everyday parlance… what’s with the Latin! My Σ of the above: pseudo-speak!

Post Script: Voilà, this is ready to post.


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