That soft knot on your tie… it’s hard to get it right.

Recall how hard it is to get it right? That soft knot on your tie… Yes… matching your shirt, then knotting your tie every morning isn’t as easy as it may seem to the inexperienced or the uninitiated. By end of day how easy it is to loosen the knot… and chuck the shirt in the laundry basket. By now the time and struggle of the morning are easily forgotten.

When you find the right partner to match your style and moods, remember your disheveled appearance by end of day may not quite match your partner’s mood or style; but hey, don’t be disturbed, sleep over it.  By morning, you’ll both be fine. The knot will turn out right; the tie will be perfect, the sun will be shining, it’s a start to another day.

It’s just the day’s decisions, dilemmas or, oft those dreams that went awry that cause the conundrums by end of day. Wait… don’t be in a rush. Sleep awhile… tomorrow will bring sunshine. It will drown all sorrows. With shirt tucked in, smile, sing a happy song… there… you’re on your way.


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