Do you drive a car?

If you drive a car, as a consumer you know that the price of gas/petrol is falling. A boon, it may seem, right? Well, (pun intended), the short answer is ‘No’.

This small benefit for the common man doesn’t quite translate into a booming world economy. When the price per barrel drops to almost 50% as it has in recent times, oil rigs (and oil wells) are decommissioned. As a consequence, workers have lost jobs.

There’s much more to these dynamics. Worldwide, instability seems to be brewing. An awareness of potential trouble can help us prepare for uncertainty. By turning away from it will the problem disappear? I don’t think so.

Reading this… about pipelines and such, do I hear chiming, or bells tolling (for those who were handed pink slips), I’m not quite sure. Now wasn’t it just a week ago that the world was celebrating the onset of 2016.


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