Delightfully Quirky!

Catch the ad bug; beware that hostile brush with hospitality! Indeed, A Dance with the Corporate Ton: Reflections of a Worker Ant” is, as I’ve trumpeted,  ‘Delightfully Quirky!’

Autobiographical. This is Lata Subramanian’s first book, but the author’s writing efforts are commendable. Lata has pulled those pages from her career which were most memorable to her. Filled with humor, satire, melancholy, joy… and at times spiked with saltine regret, this is her candid view of a career that spanned 36 years. In her quirky way, she has immortalized the doyens of India’s Advertising scene of the ’80s through ’90s, especially those she had worked with closely. Whew! After reading about her highs, lows, and plateaus, I can sense the relief she must feel during her recent retirement. Admiring her determination to write this story, and the gumption to publish it, close on the heels of her ‘goodbyes’ to her ‘revered’ Corporate Ton, I wonder, Lata… ‘retired’, really? 🙂

P.S.: Right after reading the book (bought on Kindle) in February 2016, I’d posted this review on Amazon.




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