Raja Nawathe: Gumnaam (1965)

You know I had never quite been a huge Hindi cinema buff. No doubt, I had watched numerous films over decades of my life in India, but had never really bought film magazines, nor bought tickets from the fellas who paced up and down, muttering something under their breath while you're waiting in queue with … Continue reading Raja Nawathe: Gumnaam (1965)


Dev Anand, in conversation…

Varsha Bhosle, an ardent fan of Dev Anand interviewed the legendary actor somewhere around April 1997. Many others like her, and as fans of Hindi cinema may have already read this long interview, which I just came across minutes ago. As I do occasionally, on finding something interesting, especially unexpectedly, I share the treasure right-away; because … Continue reading Dev Anand, in conversation…

Politics, Religion, and Trolling

Steer Clear! The reality is, that the friends you socialize with i.e. dine-n-wine with; or the friends you socialize with online -- they may have political views that may surprise/or shock you. Well, will you continue to be friends with them, or will your turn your back on them? Don't the wise often say, don't … Continue reading Politics, Religion, and Trolling

Take My Hand, Precious Lord

My friend's post reminded me this morning of JFK's death anniversary today. He was in his mid-'40s at the time (1963). One thought lead to another, onto Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination (1968). He was not quite 40 then. Mahalia Jackson sang "Take My Hand, Precious Lord" at his funeral, and just days later, Nina … Continue reading Take My Hand, Precious Lord

You may not wage the war, but…

You may not wage the war. But... let's not forget, this world itself is a battleground. Each one fights ... for space, ... to find his place, ... or leave her trace. In this world, the attacker swings from the right ... or will hurl at you from the left; or hit you from the … Continue reading You may not wage the war, but…

A month ago, photographed at Petit Palais, in itself an architectural delight. Add to that le Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, which permitted entry -- gratis. I did not have time (nor the inclination) to look at the Oscar Wilde Exhibition which was also on display at the time, and for which … Continue reading

Jewel Thief (1967)

Yes, Navketan Production’s Jewel Thief which was also referred to as ज्वेल थीफ़, or Jvel Thief. You know how folks say ‘jvelery’. 🙂 Well… the song here, is not comical at al… Source: Jewel Thief (1967)

Pinjare ke Panchhi (1966)

Was it premonition, or was it fate? We will never know, because it was in 1966 that lyricist Shailendra had departed. It was December 14, 1966. As for Pinjare ke Panchhi, it seems to be a lesser kn… Source: Pinjare ke Panchhi (1966)

Hum Do Daku (1967)

“Us two thieves” would be the literal translation of this 1967 film “Hum Do Daku”. Had never heard of this film, nor do I think I have heard the songs ever… but one ne… Source: Hum Do Daku (1967)

Guide (1965) – Part 3

Well, when the music composer Sachin Dev Burman himself sings two songs out of ten magnificent compositions he created for this film, I choose to place him up here in this post. Perhaps I will also… Source: Guide (1965) – Part 3