Jewel Thief (1967)

Yes, Navketan Production’s Jewel Thief which was also referred to as ज्वेल थीफ़, or Jvel Thief. You know how folks say ‘jvelery’. 🙂 Well… the song here, is not comical at al… Source: Jewel Thief (1967)

Pinjare ke Panchhi (1966)

Was it premonition, or was it fate? We will never know, because it was in 1966 that lyricist Shailendra had departed. It was December 14, 1966. As for Pinjare ke Panchhi, it seems to be a lesser kn… Source: Pinjare ke Panchhi (1966)

Hum Do Daku (1967)

“Us two thieves” would be the literal translation of this 1967 film “Hum Do Daku”. Had never heard of this film, nor do I think I have heard the songs ever… but one ne… Source: Hum Do Daku (1967)