This Blog is worth… how many $$$$?

Ever done a search for your own blog? I did… just yesterday. I tried, in vain, to find the log in button on this page, so later I Googled for wordpress login along with user name. What do you know? There was a site that stated what this blog is worth. I was aghast! Not by the $$$$ number displayed, but by the idea that some random no-name company is using some vague algorithm (algorithm being a rather fancy term for something basic we learned in middle school – “the step by step procedure to calculate e.g. to solve an equation, etc.”) to determine the value of my thoughts and the written words.

Now, can anyone explain to me – step by step – why anyone should attempt to calculate the worth of my personal diary – my web log? What business is it of anyone but myself, as to what the value of what I jot down here is. Do I go out to estimate the value of some random house on this planet? I don’t need to unless I’m in the buyer-seller market for real estate, and interested in buying or gauging the worth of my own house. Or am I out searching for information on what the true worth of that company is – the one that’s trying to put a $$$ value on my blog?

This is the problem… why can’t folks just mind their own business? Have I assigned anyone the task of estimating this blog’s worth? No, I have not., and I can bet that most of us have not done so. One can understand that companies, corporations, non-profits, others who receive funding from others to run their business (apart from their own monies in the venture) need to estimate the goodwill, or brand value to put it on their annual reports as their asset/s. Just in case they wish to liquidate them, or have intentions of selling their business, or perhaps need more financing to expand or manage their current business. I have none of these intentions!

When businesses attempt to gauge the value of someone’s assets, when they have not been assigned to do so, it should be deemed as encroaching on someone’s privacy. I have my own reasons to write, blog, fill the space here – whether it’s trite, useful, serious, helpful, nonsense, humorous…  is not anybody’s concern, but my own… as long as I’m not encroaching on anyone else, or anyone’s privacy. How many visitors this blog has, how many likes, how many followers, how many…,  how many…, how many…! How many times and for how long will we be subjected to this marketing madness or social media mania of gauging popularity? Does everything have to be converted to indices, measurement and minutae for even further dissection? So companies, please stop your nonsense of determining “What is your personal blog worth”!

One more rebel… yet again, an American!

A sick mind, a sickening situation, or is it the beginnings of a sick nation???

Way back in July 2009, I referred to Bryant Neal Vinas, an  American rebel who trained with Al Qaeda; he had actively engaged in discussions to blow up the Long Island RailRoad in NY. Then, there’s the  case of Najibullah Zazi, a Colorado-resident, who, in 2009, had plotted to blow up NYC’s subway system. Then again, the case of David C Headley, age 49, a Chicago resident, also American, who colluded with Lashkar-e-Taiba, a terrorist group, which caused havoc in Mumbai in November 2008. Since then, ostensibly, all these guys have co-operated with the FBI and/or other authorities, to reveal further details regarding proposed heinous crimes. There are others… many others, in the US, American-born rebels in their 20s who have been uncovered… many others may be in hiding, or in the making, who knows… until next time!

The Tucson terror last weekend is not likely to be the last, I’m so sorry to say so.

For the families who lost their loved ones, the pain must be deep; the anguish unforgettable! If it turns out that the gunman is “sick of mind”, it is unlikely to lessen the pain caused by the crime/s he committed…

For the nation, Tucson will be yet another event – sad – but again, sorry to say so… soon to be forgotten. After the initial angry outbursts, and a few op-eds later, each of us will get on with life. What’s more, some may even callously say, “So what, s..t happens.” Can’t you hear those NRA guys touting that? “To prevent that in future, let’s make it even easier, to procure guns…” Are Americans progressive in their thinking? Think again… if so, NRA couldn’t possibly have such a strong lobby.

Fallacies… and false hopes about Law School.

Talking about fallacies, going to law school in the hope of making millions seems to be a fallacy, as many recent law graduates are soon learning. If anything, enrolling at law school may spell doom, or gloom, for well over a decade; in this failing economy… consider it more of a prophecy.

Indeed, steeped deep into student loans of hundreds of thousands of dollars towards three years of law school, lawyers are finding it hard to find jobs in law firms. Instead, fresh lawyers may find themselves serving freshly baked apple pie, or a McDouble, while their hopes melt fast in bowls of Cinnamon Melt! Speaking of which, surely you’ve heard the cliché, “Law school is a pie-eating contest, where the first  prize is more pie!”. For those fortunate, who’ve found work at law firms, more hours on their time-sheets brings more money into their bank accounts… but wait, there’s a catch! Stifled in their lawsuits, chained to their chairs, or poring over law journals makes Larry or Lawrie a rather dull companion (persons), or wouldn’t you agree?

Worse still, while law firms here are eliminating entry-level legal jobs, someone must still do the grunge work! Well, what do you know? Outsourcing companies abroad, or temporary workers – locally, or abroad – are more than happy to take on these tasks, and I daresay, the law firms here meet with success, smug as they sit tight on their black bottom-lines!

So… think again, before you sign up at a law school, no matter how attractive they make it for you to do so! Be aware, that for every 25 students a law school attracts, that’s a million bucks directly in their coffers… on the other hand, you, from the word ‘go’, will be indebted to the Sally Mae’s of the world, for years to follow… Effectively, you may well kiss your youth goodbye, and say ‘hello’ to sorrows. Sorry, for sounding pessimistic about your dream-profession!

Consult another lawyer for their opinion on this, but do you think you’ll get an honest answer? As they say, stay within the law, but do try staying away from lawyers for as long as you can… you’ll be better off.

Wheezing, or bleeding nose? Blame it on the Chinese Drywall!

Nose bleeds, headaches or wheezing in your new home? If it’s not the odors from the carpet that bother you, you can now put the blame squarely on drywalls made from materials imported from China! Malodorous, drywalls in new-build homes may be heavily contaminated with sulphur compounds.

Now, do you pull down the drywall at a cost of $100-150K, or should you file a lawsuit against the manufacturers, is the dilemma for thousands of affected homeowners? In the process, who knows… perhaps you’ll hit a Chinese Wall. Ugh, my head hurts!

Of layoffs… something’s not quite right.

Piecemeal layoffs avoid warning laws

Yes, this one sounds much like what I expressed almost a year ago.

Continuing job losses may signal broad economic shift

More on Jobs (Including  a Little Good News)

Thanks for the link, EON.

Ever Closer to 1982.

What to do when you lose your Job (Some advise from various experts)

Searching for work and not giving up

Three unemployed New Yorkers look for work as more than 4.4 million Americans have lost their jobs since the recession started in December 2007.

NJ Governor says he’s prepared to layoff state workers

Well, search and you’ll see more headlines… perhaps news like this best be buried. For the unemployed it may be wiser to focus on the “job search“; like someone said, “Make it your job to get a job.”

Easier said? Well, we don’t know unless we try, right! 😉

Recent quotes, pleas… from leaders in banking!

Hear this:

Don’t give up on us… give us a chance to execute.“: Vikram Pandit, Citigroup.

We’re Americans first and bankers second.“: John Stumpf, Wells Fargo  & Co.

I feel more like corporal of the universe, not captain of the universe at this moment.“: Ken Lewis, Bank of America.

As an industry, we clearly made mistakes… I am especially sorry for what has happened to shareholders. “: John Mack, Morgan Stanley.

We’re sorry that our supervision didn’t achieve all it should have done.“: Hector Sants, Financial Services Authority.

It is abundantly clear that we are here amidst broad public anger at our industry.Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Tardy for sure… bereft of pithy?

Once again Vikram Pandit is  the CEO of Citi, but at what cost? Three months ago, this was the tune that Pandit was singing. Again, questions arise regarding the wisdom of the Merrill Lynch takeover by Bank of America. Examples of extravagance among bankers seem to be abound even today. Talk of trust, or banking… be they people in high places, or on age-old beliefs, it’s time to revisit these issues and rebuild one’s convictions.

Feel like wiping the smiles off their faces? Like they’ve wiped off millions of jobs!

Metabo, o-ba-ue-to, kajuu, overgrown girth!

Oh no, when that happens to the Japanese, they run a risk that exceeds far more than the mere embarrassment of trouser buttons popping open! They run the risk of being singled out as ‘obese’ in their workplace! The world is aware that the Japanese are an extremely hard working people; they don’t shirk their work and need not look over their shoulder in worry that the employer is watching them. But now, due to the new law in effect the past two months, employers will monitor the waistlines of employees, to ensure they remain within stipulated guidelines; if not, the Japanese government would penalize companies in Japan on account of their ‘obese’ employees! Metabo is their colloquial nomenclature for being overweight, almost an inevitable consequence of the dreaded condition – metabolic syndrome.

In Japan, a man’s waistline must not exceed 33.5 inches; and ladies must ensure that they do not bulge beyond 35.4 inches. Should they fail to remain within this range, their employer would be penalized. This law applies to men and women in the age-group 40-74 years, but employers are following the “catching ’em young” maxim; they’re watching every employee in the 30+ age-range! Of course, for women in their perimenopause, and menopause stages, it may even be a double whammy – employer’s watchful eyes on the middle-age spread compounding the anxiety – what a killer! Metabo education is being sponsored by employers for not only their employees, but is being extended to their families as well.

Although many of us may not have previously heard the term Metabo, we’re aware of the collection of factors that increase the risk of cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes. We’re also conscious of rising costs of health-care in the US, with the rising geriatric population. Obesity even among teenagers is high when compared to previous generations. Although there are a few who do workout or go for brisk walks to arrest the onset of this problem, millions in the US are at risk.

While the government’s tact in Japan does seem like an extremely severe measure to arrest obesity, measuring waistlines cannot be as devastating as the consequences of obesity, when it strikes a nation. If anything, without targeted time-lines to curb obesity; without heightened levels about health-consciousness and active campaigning for anti-smoking; without effective implementation of laws and appropriate taxation to put an end to smoking, the overall health of the general population in the US will certainly go downhill… there’s no doubt on that front. If it sounds like a tall order, rather that, than a nation with a fat, unhealthy population!

Personally, I also believe that added to this should be the ban on growth related hormones in cattle-feed, and a re-visit to all the issues concerning the way crops are grown in the US! Perhaps if agriculture in this country went organic all the way, obesity could be nipped in the bud, and with it, stem the stupendous costs of health-care, health insurance, and the penalties we all seem to pay for the follies of the few in the FDA, the government, and the people who pass laws which seem to serve the interests of no one but the lobbying industries who benefit from the woes of the people who must battle against biology, or battle against their bulge.

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