Quantitative Easing… made easy for at least 1.2 million people!

After watching this cartoon by Omid Malekan, QE2 must be clear - at least conceptually - to the 1.2 million viewers who've watched the video on YouTube! If that hasn't worked for you, try following Felix Salmon on Reuters to see why Quantitative Easing may not quite be the solution to solving America's 'burning' issues/problem/s - job … Continue reading Quantitative Easing… made easy for at least 1.2 million people!


Dig Gold?

Well, if you dig gold, you're probably going deeper in the hole right now, even while I'm writing this just now. Despite the upward swing of the past week which carried DGP all the way up to an all-time high of $43.23, right now, it's way below $38, with over 3.6% plunge in the first … Continue reading Dig Gold?

38 Gold…

Yep, DGP Gold is hovering under $38 today, a steep stock-price plunge  of almost 6% since yesterday. For the past 5 days or so, it hovered at all time highs of over $40. Five days ago, at final count, India had bagged an all-time high number of gold medals at the CWG 2010 in Delhi … Continue reading 38 Gold…

Lift, Wrestle, Shoot… just get Gold!

In Delhi, at the Commonwealth Games 2010, India shines with 11 Gold Medals. Having bagged Silver and Bronze as well, Indian athletes are displaying a sterling performance, much to the surprise of spectators with their watchful gaze at this sports concourse. In world financial spheres, on the bourse, with the intra-day high of $1,351 per … Continue reading Lift, Wrestle, Shoot… just get Gold!

Oversight… the contradictions in its meaning just irk me!

Talk about anomalies in language, particularly in English! Even in the past, I blogged about this. Why can't people just use another word when they mean "supervision"? Under the guise of 'oversight' so much damage has been done to this country... not all of it inadvertently! Yet again, Mr Bernanke claims "lax oversight caused crisis"! … Continue reading Oversight… the contradictions in its meaning just irk me!

Response to: “The New Frugality: No Passing Fad” in The New York Times

In response to this article, http://roomfordebate.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/03/09/the-new-frugality-no-passing-fad/comment-page-11/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0 Largely, you could say I’ve lived frugally my entire life; whether or not I held a well-paid job, did a survival job, or when I have no job; only, so that I could save for the rainy days (which are a given for most people, at least at some … Continue reading Response to: “The New Frugality: No Passing Fad” in The New York Times

Is today’s stock market rally for real?

With the closing bell, today's market recorded a significantly high spike to the tune of 5.8%! Somehow, when my ears heard the ring... it sounded hollow! "Profitable" news from Citi chief this morning caused the spurt. But will this rally be sustained over the coming days? Already there's talk of tightening credit. Metrics used by … Continue reading Is today’s stock market rally for real?

He wanted to be a “Quant”…

In the late 90s, my close buddy quit his well-paid job of 'research scientist' with a leading oil company. He wanted to be a "quant". Lured, not by the money; that would follow (and plenty of it, although not quite as much as the obscene figures that Wall Street traders take home), but by the … Continue reading He wanted to be a “Quant”…

Ad Agency layoffs

In Spring 2008, when I referred to layoffs at marketing companies and ad agencies, some smart alecks scoffed at my words, merrily mocking me and my writing. Numerous people holding jobs then dropped pearls of wisdom... "Network, get yet another degree (since my MBA does not seem to cut it), or better still, change your … Continue reading Ad Agency layoffs

Till death do us part…

That is the note on which the marrying couple's vows end... oh yes, not to forget the kiss that binds both partners. But, when either one of the couple dies, the marriage "contract" ends. However, I'm now referring to debt after death, which can be akin to the kiss of death... this happy couple's story … Continue reading Till death do us part…