Raja Nawathe: Gumnaam (1965)

You know I had never quite been a huge Hindi cinema buff. No doubt, I had watched numerous films over decades of my life in India, but had never really bought film magazines, nor bought tickets from the fellas who paced up and down, muttering something under their breath while you're waiting in queue with … Continue reading Raja Nawathe: Gumnaam (1965)


Pancham’s Debut – Chhote Nawab

Although Chhote Nawab's musical success did not bring a mad rush of film makers to Pancham's doorstep, in no way does that undermine the beauty in the songs here...

Drawing Parallels: “The Railway Man”

Last evening I watched "The Railway Man" (2014), a film based on the true story about this British officer, Eric Lomax from Edinburgh up north in Scotland, who at age 24 in 1943 was held PoW at a Japanese camp in the Far East. Inhumanly tortured while in the clutches of the Kempeitai until end … Continue reading Drawing Parallels: “The Railway Man”

Watch your kite soar!

In Indian cinema, poets and lyricists have expressed the joys and sorrows of people, through songs using the humble kite as a metaphor. Watching your kite soar, caressing the skies on a clear day is a simple delight. Across the oceans to the west, or bending far over in the orient's east, you see kites … Continue reading Watch your kite soar!

Another Take on Art, Music, Film, Remix… Priceless!

"... Remix voh hota hai ki kisi ka bhi banaya hua gaana aap pakadiye, yaa chura leejiye. Phir uss mein chaar naye saaz ander daaliye, phir ussey record keejiye, remix keejiye, aur khud maalik ban jaaiye. Bhai kalaa toh kalaa hoti hai, chaahe apni ho yaa paraayi; buss, Laxmi aani chaahiye, chhan-chhan, chhan-chhan, chhan chhan..." … Continue reading Another Take on Art, Music, Film, Remix… Priceless!

“Robyn Davidson” quotes I love… but who is Robyn?

“And there are new kinds of nomads, not people who are at home everywhere, but who are at home nowhere. I was one of them ” ― Robyn Davidson, Desert Places This quote caught my attention right away. I knew I had to watch the film until the very end... no falling asleep like I … Continue reading “Robyn Davidson” quotes I love… but who is Robyn?

Christian Bale as Moses; Christian Bale as Steve Jobs!

Confounding. Compelling. Colossal. Christian Bale is confounded by the personality of Moses while playing the role for Ridley Scott's film, "Exodus: Of Gods and Kings". What could happen when he turns into "Steve Jobs" for his next film? Photo Courtesy: Amazon.com Walter Isaacson's portrayal in his now three year old biography of the Apple co-founder … Continue reading Christian Bale as Moses; Christian Bale as Steve Jobs!

Simon and the Oaks (2011)

Blame it on our staggered viewing of the film, or to the small viewing screen of the laptop -- with the 46" TV screen shattered and now beyond repair -- or attribute our discordance with this film to its confused theme, I'm not quite sure. On the film critics' list of The New York Times, … Continue reading Simon and the Oaks (2011)