If I was a Frenchman…

I often faced this loaded question, "Are you settled?"

Hima Kala Kendra

We knew her as Ms Hima Devi. I always remember her as a lady with immense attitude, a cigarette between her fingers, puffing smoke in our middle school classroom. After a while our Victorian "ha, hoo" shocked by her stance, simply stopped. Hima was just Hima... cool. No, we did not use that term then. … Continue reading Hima Kala Kendra


Seeking fame. What’s your name?

Isn't that quite like seeking the elusive dame? Here's an easy route: Love yourself. The world will clamor to clutch you with their greedy grips. Ouch! But what's the alternative to getting famous? Duh... getting infamous. So, titillate If you're wondering why this inane post, I'll share my agony. Nothing to do with whether or … Continue reading Seeking fame. What’s your name?

A sassy lassie asked her sexy chum, “Umm, so what’s hidden behind the choli?”

Coyly her chum replied, "That's my heart behind the choli"... Sassy lassie, saucy again, asks, "Pray, what's behind the chunari?" Sexy lady shot back, "That's my heart behind the chunari". As these two rustic young girls danced away on screen over two decades ago, off screen, given a chance, some Indians still scream, "Blasphemy! Anand … Continue reading A sassy lassie asked her sexy chum, “Umm, so what’s hidden behind the choli?”

“Won’t you visit India anytime soon!”

Numerous friends and acquaintances pose this question often - at least more often than I'd care to answer; or even to respond with some plausible explanation - one way or another. "Explanation", because if my answer is in the affirmative, surely there's a reason why - an occasion, a wedding, to circuit the golden triangle … Continue reading “Won’t you visit India anytime soon!”

Explosions at Bodh Gaya!

My tympanic membrane is tired, and hardened from the continual onslaught of explosive news. Not only tired of the terrorism, I'm sickened by the endless rapes that women suffer mercilessly. Add to that the helplessness one feels, reading about the pointless deaths of hundreds, thousands - en masse! Now, worse, am defeated by the mindless … Continue reading Explosions at Bodh Gaya!

“Magaj”… cake-like dessert… from chickpeas!

This isn't some crazy joke... I'm not kidding. Yesterday, the god with aplomb - Ganesh ji - arrived with pomp, song and dance, at many households. In my home, he doesn't arrive, he's just there! Seated in several spots... Ganesh in photo frame; as art d'objet; on a Majolica-style decorative plate; as an acrylic painting … Continue reading “Magaj”… cake-like dessert… from chickpeas!

Making Chevdo… Surti Style!

ચાલો ત્યારે, ઘણા દિવસ થયા, ઘર માં કંઈ નાસ્તો નથી. મૂવી જોતી વખતે કંઈ ચાવવા તો જોઈએ ને! અરે ઘેર બેઠા બેઠા આમ પણ ભૂખ ખુબ લાગે. હવે શિયાળો શરુ થશે ત્યારે કકડી ને ઠંડી તો લાગશે, અને સાથે સાથે કકડી ને ભૂખ પણ લાગશે. તમને થશે, તો જમવાનું નથી બનાવતા? પણ એવું છે ને, … Continue reading Making Chevdo… Surti Style!

Pablo Bartholomew… passionate artist, photographer, photo-journalist

Today, reminiscing about my 'advertising' career in India - soon fading; and while reviewing my sporadic flirtations with photography; about Ektachrome, Kodachrome (also now relegated to the archives of photography), my thoughts drifted to the time Pablo Bartholomew was doing a calendar assignment for Kodak.  The theme for that specific year (somewhere in the mid-'80s, … Continue reading Pablo Bartholomew… passionate artist, photographer, photo-journalist

Urban Indians’ bombastic attitude… nothing but talk!

"Words are cheap... " is oft stated, and more so, it seems, by India and Indians. Charlie Chaplin went on to say " ... the biggest thing you can say is 'elephant'." Indeed, the Commonwealth Games 2010 may well turn out to be the proverbial 'white elephant', at least for India; to say the least, I'm … Continue reading Urban Indians’ bombastic attitude… nothing but talk!