Trotting on your high horse?

Headed to Buckingham Palace? Chances are you're more than likely not going anywhere near there. Then why this compulsion to speak the Queen's English, eh?  Here's what I think the issue is... It's an instant giveaway that although you're a product of independent India, you haven't quite broken away those shackles of your colonial past … Continue reading Trotting on your high horse?


Hima Kala Kendra

We knew her as Ms Hima Devi. I always remember her as a lady with immense attitude, a cigarette between her fingers, puffing smoke in our middle school classroom. After a while our Victorian "ha, hoo" shocked by her stance, simply stopped. Hima was just Hima... cool. No, we did not use that term then. … Continue reading Hima Kala Kendra


Today again I'm alone; yet again so lonely My heart feels very heavy; the worries creep along Look, wispy clouds are wafting; yonder, romance is thickening The chill came along, it made its home here; But look outside, aren't those butterflies flaunting? Listen to my heart, in it lives the whole wide world; Hear this … Continue reading “Alone”