We can’t quit… until we begin!

Music Credit: Ponticello; My video: Animoto Locations: Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani

Dang tribal district

Here are glimpses of the lush greens of Gujarat, just following the rains. Tall bamboo and heavy teak grace the Dang (pronounced: Daang) forest. One favorite spot for the locals is Gira Falls. S…lush After watching this 30-sec video that animoto helped me put together, if you’re interested, visit Dang on Wikipedia. But with so … Continue reading Dang tribal district


Mythical… Logical… Ornithological

It’s neither my profession, nor hobby… however, I know a few people for whom it’s either one or the other. They study birds, their habitat, their mating habits, their migratory patterns, even their distinctive bird calls… how fascinating for them it must be. Recently, a leading newspaper carried an article about how “intelligent” birds actually … Continue reading Mythical… Logical… Ornithological

Patent Peeves

Recently, a strange thought occurred to me that patenting and fencing could be used in tandem in the context of plant patenting... "Trading of patented material is unlawful and is strictly forbidden": in simple words, vegetative propagation prohibited. The dictionary meaning of "fencing", on the other hand, is "a means of protection", "a barrier made … Continue reading Patent Peeves

New England, New Hampshire or Scotland… a fall here is irresistible.

In New England it's fall, in Scotland the season is referred to as autumn... how does that matter? One October I went to Inverness, ostensibly in search of characters I recalled from Shakespeare's Macbeth. Instead, I ended up searching for Nessie, the legendary monster laying dormant in Loch Ness! Having never experienced "fall", I was … Continue reading New England, New Hampshire or Scotland… a fall here is irresistible.