Remembrance (2011): My Take

Last evening, I watched this foreign film, "Remembrance". It is the story about a Jewish woman, Hannah Silberstein, who struggles to break free from the dark memories of her past life in the Auschwitz concentration camp during Poland's SS occupation. Young Hannah falls in love with an inmate, Tomasz Limanowski. Together, after they escape from … Continue reading Remembrance (2011): My Take

Sports and silhouettes after sunset… California!

Sports and silhouettes after sunset... California! Originally uploaded by chitralekhan Heard of parasailing, paragliding, parachuting... now here's some kitesurfing, or you may also hear of kiteboarding... a fine example of Extreme Sports... they're such a pretty sight... awesome!

Fly’n’ Past Flickr…

Flickr... alas, I seem to have drifted away from here... this past year.

Blogger on Sacred Songs

When I last checked, this blog-spot had 139 songs! These numbers include Buddhist recitations, Sanskrit shlokas, Pali verse, Latin renditions, and even some Chinese & Japanese translations! A very commendable effort, indeed, Nila-Kantha-Chandra. Thank you. My favorites: Gayatri Mantra Yakundendu Tushara Vaishnava jan to tene kahiye je Four Great Bodhisattva Vows Folks, if you're interested, … Continue reading Blogger on Sacred Songs

Whose legs are these, anyway!

Should, or shouldn't, women wear pantyhose? Some call them, 'bare necessities'; that's much ado about um... nothing! Page D1 of The Wall Street Journal is actually inviting readers to share their thoughts on this subject... to say the least, I'm shocked! People actually get paid to cover issues about 'where, whether or not, and what … Continue reading Whose legs are these, anyway!