The “Flying Rani”!

Although a train journey in India is arduous, especially when traveling unreserved, it is always fun, and replete with memorable experiences. 🙂

Seeking fame. What’s your name?

Isn't that quite like seeking the elusive dame? Here's an easy route: Love yourself. The world will clamor to clutch you with their greedy grips. Ouch! But what's the alternative to getting famous? Duh... getting infamous. So, titillate If you're wondering why this inane post, I'll share my agony. Nothing to do with whether or … Continue reading Seeking fame. What’s your name?


If it’s Houston this must be Texas… really?

If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium... but, Ask any Texan, Houston is Hewston... If it is mid-week, never say Wed-nes-day But if you're in New York, and Headed to Wall Street riding the subway, or walking on foot -- call it route 11 You're bound to cross Houston But wait... remember this street is … Continue reading If it’s Houston this must be Texas… really?

Visited your local library, or the local bookstore recently?

When was the last time you visited your local library or peeked into the bookstore? If you're like me, then more likely you've browsed through Amazon books online. Or, if you're unlike me, you've read your books of choice on Kindle, or listened to music on your iPod. Who wants to drag oneself to the … Continue reading Visited your local library, or the local bookstore recently?

Who skips the sex scenes… while e-Reading?

What someone enjoys as bedtime reading, or what twisted tale a storyteller wishes to spin, matters little to me. But out there, like Peeping Tom, loads of companies are snooping on you to note whether you're a diehard romantic, or whether racy violence is your page-turner. Do you speed-read, or is pausing after every paragraph … Continue reading Who skips the sex scenes… while e-Reading?

Do you mosey?

WordPress, twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, tumblr, flickr, mosey... yes, mosey, and the list goes on. Nosy, then stay on. Knowledgeable, or if you're simply not interested in what I'm about to express... then please feel free to move on. Have you noticed how these wordpress blog posts (not on tblog, blogspot, or is it  blogger... … Continue reading Do you mosey?

Technology Turns…

  Facebook का यह मेला क्या है? अजी समझो, यह एक भूल भुलैया है 'गर अन्दर गए, तो फिर बाहर आने की कोशिश, मान लो आप, वोह बेकार ही है. अब ले लो इस बला को जिसे कहते हैं लोग ट्विट्टर ... पंछियों की इस चह-चहाट में ढूँढें किस तरह से हम कोयल की उस … Continue reading Technology Turns…

Hah! Who fooled me?

Yeah, I got fooled... not on All Fool's day, not today, nor yesterday. Everyday, for the past  eight months, and especially over the last few days, I've looked at some archives of my photos! I've searched, and searched, and searched deeper for pictures I would like the world to see... even if they aren't exactly … Continue reading Hah! Who fooled me?

You read my mind!

Imagine you're chatting with someone, either in person (which is so rare these days, unless you're a Mom, or Dad to a pre-tween kid); or you're on the phone (but chances are you don't do that either, unless YOU feel like talking to a real person); or then you're chatting online (more like the way … Continue reading You read my mind!

An Indian’s reflection of India, post “Independence Day reflections from London”!

Vir Sanghvi's Counter Point article, entitled, "Independence Day reflections from London", which he posted on 13 Aug 2010 08:47 p.m., seems to be floating in cyberspace as a 'forward' re-titled, "The new look at India by the arrogant British"!  In the past two months, it has appeared twice in my Inbox - and perhaps it … Continue reading An Indian’s reflection of India, post “Independence Day reflections from London”!