Joy… you can hardly wait for more.

It's like butter You love it, You spread it It's like chocolate Once you taste it, You'll crave for it It's much like ice-cream Cool, Even refreshing It's like mamma's milk While babies thrive on it As adults We've forgotten it It's like music When you feel it Inside you You sing along Tap your … Continue reading Joy… you can hardly wait for more.


Do you mosey?

WordPress, twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, tumblr, flickr, mosey... yes, mosey, and the list goes on. Nosy, then stay on. Knowledgeable, or if you're simply not interested in what I'm about to express... then please feel free to move on. Have you noticed how these wordpress blog posts (not on tblog, blogspot, or is it  blogger... … Continue reading Do you mosey?

Making Chevdo… Surti Style!

ચાલો ત્યારે, ઘણા દિવસ થયા, ઘર માં કંઈ નાસ્તો નથી. મૂવી જોતી વખતે કંઈ ચાવવા તો જોઈએ ને! અરે ઘેર બેઠા બેઠા આમ પણ ભૂખ ખુબ લાગે. હવે શિયાળો શરુ થશે ત્યારે કકડી ને ઠંડી તો લાગશે, અને સાથે સાથે કકડી ને ભૂખ પણ લાગશે. તમને થશે, તો જમવાનું નથી બનાવતા? પણ એવું છે ને, … Continue reading Making Chevdo… Surti Style!

Technology Turns…

  Facebook का यह मेला क्या है? अजी समझो, यह एक भूल भुलैया है 'गर अन्दर गए, तो फिर बाहर आने की कोशिश, मान लो आप, वोह बेकार ही है. अब ले लो इस बला को जिसे कहते हैं लोग ट्विट्टर ... पंछियों की इस चह-चहाट में ढूँढें किस तरह से हम कोयल की उस … Continue reading Technology Turns…

It’s not “Gawd”… open your jaw wide to say, “God”!

Or, again, it's not "Dawg", but a jaw-wide-open "Dog"! Again? O, Gawd! Oops, sorry, Oh, God! A long time ago, Hima Devi - a graduate of Trinity College, England, taught drama to kids at 'elite' schools in Mumbai; she also trained them for 'elocution', improving their pronunciation, diction, grammar, reading skills, etc. While reading Sam Roberts' Unlearning to … Continue reading It’s not “Gawd”… open your jaw wide to say, “God”!

Fact checking by media… a fallacy!

Once upon a time, fact-checking, by journalists and reporters of merit, prior to publishing a story, was indeed a fact... but today, sadly, this fact is reduced to an appalling fallacy. Look all around and what do you see on the news through television, or what we read even in the 'ostensibly respectable' press? We … Continue reading Fact checking by media… a fallacy!

Buried whole…

Vacant days Empty space Blank verse Barren thoughts Forced words Deafening silence Frozen time Wasted talent Blinding signals Glaring darkness Bottomless hole Buried whole.

Movie making… an art, technique, or just having fun!

WordPress has extended the video contest... reminds me of all the animotos I put together last year... starting with, The Chase! The Chase We can't quit... until we begin Attitude on Times Square Come to Kebec S...lush Captured... in the Big Apple! Take a hike... to Mahabaleshwar Gateway to NY Music from the 'art Romancing … Continue reading Movie making… an art, technique, or just having fun!

Dawn of 2009… talk of Mumbai’s resilience, and…

Talk of perspectives. A couple of days back I referred to NYC - America's resilient city, comparing it to Mumbai - India's version of NYC. In my posting are references to a common man's dispirited view-point of life in Mumbai today. Today, The New York Times has published Joe Nocera's account of his journey to … Continue reading Dawn of 2009… talk of Mumbai’s resilience, and…

Resilience: is it a virtue?

Mumbaikars are proud of their resilience... serial bomb blasts terrorize the city but they are up and about the following day, going about their business; annually, rains flood their beloved city, making commutes tedious and dangerous for the common man while the local municipality does little to fix the root cause of this problem... but … Continue reading Resilience: is it a virtue?