Joy… you can hardly wait for more.

It’s like butter
You love it,
You spread it

It’s like chocolate
Once you taste it,
You’ll crave for it

It’s much like ice-cream
Even refreshing

It’s like mamma’s milk
While babies thrive on it
As adults
We’ve forgotten it

It’s like music
When you feel it
Inside you
You sing along
Tap your feet
Then play it all again

Joy is all of this, and
None of it
But once you’ve experienced it
You know it, and there’s nothing
That can beat it.

~ words-n-motion

Do you mosey?

WordPress, twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, tumblr, flickr, mosey… yes, mosey, and the list goes on. Nosy, then stay on. Knowledgeable, or if you’re simply not interested in what I’m about to express… then please feel free to move on.

Have you noticed how these wordpress blog posts (not on tblog, blogspot, or is it  blogger… oh, how did I miss those earlier!) seem to get farther apart? Indeed, there’s only so much I can tweet, pin, tumble, post, fb, flick, link to, or pick my mosey… yes mosey.

However correct the word may be – mosey does exist in the dictionary (well, to be honest, I did have to look it up when I stumbled upon it yesterday). The following is the first among Google’s ‘organic’ search results.


verb: mosey; 3rd person present: moseys; past tense: moseyed; past participle: moseyed; gerund or present participle: moseying
  1. 1.
    walk or move in a leisurely manner.
    “we decided to mosey on up to Montgomery”

noun: mosey; plural noun: moseys
  1. 1.
    a leisurely walk or drive.

The next one reads as follows:

Mosey: Welcome

Mosey allows you to create, curate and plan adventures. It’s the perfect way to respond to the question “Hey, I’m going to be in your town. What should I do?”

About – ‎The Ultimate Tourist – ‎Shopping – ‎Sign Up
Nosy as I am (not considered a virtue) but if you prefer to refer to me as “Curious George” I’m okay with that. Curiosity is a virtue in some circles (scientific, American, archaeologists, biologists, explorers, travelers… ) and truly, due to at least some interest, and/or a wee bit of knowledge in all of the above) would likely squeeze into at least a few of these categories… Well, you reckon I’m monkeying around? No, sir!
Oh, where was I… nosy as I am, I peeked into Mosey. Then, I was thinking, is it a morphed version of flickr, instagram, or some other “been there-done that-what-a-great-life-I-lead-you-must-envy-me” sort of spot to park at? Well, so I haven’t signed up… not yet, but does that mean I never will? Well, as they say, “Never say never”.  Now, would you believe it, I happen to be one of those laggards (for the marketing segmentation folks) who joined facebook just over two years ago. Yes, and if I’m not mistaken, very soon the facebook fellas) should be celebrating their tenth anniversary. Rumors suggest that the ‘kids’ — the early adopters — of facebook have jumped ship to move on to other planets where no man, woman or parent has been before! Could they be hanging out on Mosey? I don’t know. 😉
But now here’s what I’ve noticed on facebook…  many of those who joined the social networking platform early on, are silent observers, inactive, or just hang in there either because their friends, or kids are there. They have little to say… or the max they may ‘do’ in terms of ‘activity’ is ‘share’ (the equivalent of ‘forward’ on email from the dinosaur era), or hit ‘like’. Some do neither, nor have comments… are they even there? If not, then where? Are they busy tweeting on smartphones? Well, a restriction of 140 characters can be quite a challenge for many… there’s little room for verbose, so knock out ‘prose’. There’s room for poetry, but a debate on philosophy? Well, you can flirt with it… just reach out for quotes from Confucius, or quote Kabir… you can by-pass confusion, appear knowledgeable, be a ‘guru’, start a ‘think tank’ be a ‘thought leader’ (yikes)! Then you have have several hundred followers, and you follow an equal number — including those who follow you, give-take a few… sum that up. You scratch my back, I scratch yours… yadda yadda yadda!
No, Mosey must wait… not with bated breath though… will they care whether I join them, or not… I think not… not with 6.999 billion others on this planet they can cozy up with.

Making Chevdo… Surti Style!

ચાલો ત્યારે, ઘણા દિવસ થયા, ઘર માં કંઈ નાસ્તો નથી. મૂવી જોતી વખતે કંઈ ચાવવા તો જોઈએ ને! અરે ઘેર બેઠા બેઠા આમ પણ ભૂખ ખુબ લાગે. હવે શિયાળો શરુ થશે ત્યારે કકડી ને ઠંડી તો લાગશે, અને સાથે સાથે કકડી ને ભૂખ પણ લાગશે. તમને થશે, તો જમવાનું નથી બનાવતા? પણ એવું છે ને, જમ્યા પછી પણ જે નાસ્તો કરવાની મઝા આવે, એ કૈંક જુદી જ હોય છે. અને બીજું કે તૈયાર નાસ્તા – ચિપ્સ, બિસ્કીટ, નાચોઝ – એ બધું ખાઈ ખાઈ ને પણ કંટાળો આવે છે, ખરું પૂછો તો. એક નું એક, પૈસા નું પાણી,  કંઈ ભલીવાર નહિ… સાચું કહું તમને, સંતોષ જ ના થાય.   ヅ

તો આજે મને થયું, ચલ ચેવડો બનાવુ, તો લો, કલાક માં ચેવડો તૈયાર!  ચેવડો, એટલે કે આપણે પતલા પૌઆ હોય ને, એનો! બનાવવા નો સાવ સેહલો! લો અહીં તમને રીત બતાવું.

શેકી લીધા પછી પૌઆ

પતલા પૌઆ ને પેહલા ચાળી લો, અને ધીમા તાપે  શેકી નાખવાના. હલાવતા રેહવું, જેથી પૌઆ નીચે બળી ના જાય. બરાબર શેકી લીધા પછી ફરી થી ચારણી થી ચાળી લેવા… પાવડર જેવો ભૂકો નીકળી જશે, અને કકરા પૌઆ બાજુ પર મૂકી રાખવા. સાઈડ પર થોડા લીલા મરચા ઝીણા સમારી ને રાખવા.

  • એક પેણી માં તેલ ગરમ કરવા મુકવું. બહુ નહિ, ફક્ત મસાલો શેકવા માટે. (આપણે તળેલો ચેવડો નહિ પણ પૌષ્ટિક ચેવડો બનાવીશું. આજ કાલ બધા ને ફિગર ની, ફીઝીક ની, અને સાથે સાથે તબિયત ની ચિંતા કરવી જરૂરી છે… પોતાનું સ્વાસ્થ્ય અને સુડોળ શરીર… માનસિક અને શારીરિક સૌન્દર્ય ઈઝ નેસેસરી!) ઓકે તો આપણે તેલ ગરમ કરવા મુક્યું.તાપ ધીમો રાખવો. (મધ્યમ).
  • તેલ ગરમ થાય એટલે એમાં થોડી હિંગ નાખવી, સાથે લીમડા ના પાન નાખવા. તતડે એટલે લીલા સમારેલા મરચા નાખો.
  • જરા એક-બે સેકંડ પછી થોડી કાચી શીંગ, થોડા દાળિયા, થોડા કાજુ, તલ… એટલું નાખી હલાવતા રેહવું. આ બધું તતડવા દેવું, પણ બળી ના જાય એનું ધ્યાન રાખવું. થોડું બદામી બ્રાઊન થાય એટલે એમાં સેહજ લીંબુ નીચવી નાખવું અને સેહજ મીઠું નાખવું અને સેહજ હળદર નાખવી. ખારાશ અને ખટાશ પ્રમાણસર મસાલા માટે જ નાખવી. મોઢા પર કંઈ ઉડે નહિ એનું ધ્યાન જરૂર થી રાખશો. ત્યાર બાદ, જરા ધીમા તાપે શેકવા દેવું આ મિશ્રણ ને. લીંબુ નીચવવા ના કારણ થી કાજુ-શીંગ-દાળિયા સેહજ પોચા થઇ જાય, એને સેહજ તાપ થી ફરી કડક કરવા માટે. બાદ સ્ટવ ને બંધ કરી દેવો.
  • નટ્સ નું મિક્સચર
  •  એક મોટા વાસણ માં જેમાં પૌઆ હોય, એની અંદર નટ્સ નું મિક્સચર ભેળવી દેવું. પ્રમાણસર મીઠું તથા થોડી સાકર પણ ઉમેરવી; અને સાચવી ને હળવા હાથે તવેથા થી હલાવો જેથી બરાબર પૌઆ અને દાણા બધું વ્યવસ્થિત રીતે મસ્ત્ત મિક્સ થઇ જાય.

    Chevdo… Ready! પૌષ્ટિક ચેવડો તૈયાર!
  • તમારો પૌષ્ટિક ચેવડો તૈયાર!  હવે ક્યાં છે મૂવી? થઇ જાઓ તૈયાર; એક બોલ માં લઇ માણો
  • મઝા ચેવડા ની, અને ચર્પી પ્રીતિ ઝીંટા ની… વોટેવર!    ヅ

Technology Turns…

FaceBook Usership_2017
Graphic added in 2017. For a further age and gender break up on same source site, visit


Facebook का यह मेला क्या है?
अजी समझो, यह एक भूल भुलैया है
‘गर अन्दर गए,
तो फिर बाहर आने की कोशिश,
मान लो आप, वोह बेकार ही है.

अब ले लो इस बला को
जिसे कहते हैं लोग ट्विट्टर
पंछियों की इस चह-चहाट में
ढूँढें किस तरह से हम
कोयल की उस मीठी कुहू कु को!

जुड़ जाते हैं हम रोज़,
आज इस फोरम में
कल उस महफ़िल में
निशाना और मकसद
हैं सभी के अलग अलग.

कोई है हसीं चेहरे की तलाश में
कोई चाहत को पुकारते हुए
किसी को तरन्नुम की,
तो किसी को साज़ की
तलाश करते करते
किसी आवाज़ खींच लाती है
किसी के गीत बुलाते हैं हमें

किसी को दोस्ती की खोज है
तो किसी को नौकरी की
किसी को सिफारिश की ज़रुरत है
किसी को सुन्दर लड़की; या युवा लड़के की ख्वाहिश
आप खुद यहाँ क्यों हैं, क्या आप को है पता
माफ़ कीजिये, सवाल मन में उठा खुद अपने वास्ते
पर  पूछ लिया आप से!

चलो, निकल पड़ते हैं साथ साथ
इस सवाल के जवाब की खोज में
वहीँ से शुरू करते हैं खोज अपनी
जहां खो जाना आसान है;
करोड़ों की संख्या जो है!
पर अजीब बात यह है की
खोकर भी चुटकी में मिल जाना आसान है.
ढूंढो, और न मिले, यह तो बात नामुमकिन है
एक गूगल ही तो है
जहां खोजना मुमकिन है,
और खोकर पाना और भी आसान!

यह तो था सिर्फ गूगल सर्च
पर हुआ यह के लग गए लोग
करना सर्च के ऊपर सर्च,
यानी मान लो रिसर्च!

पर बहुत हो गया यह सिलसिला
छोडो यह facebook , ट्विट्टर का चक्कर,
आओ, फिर से उस जगह
जहां पचपन से कम उम्र के मिलते हैं इंसान
जिनको सीधे शब्द में कहते हैं लोग ‘जवां’!

कहो इसे एक नया अड्डा, या कहो अनोखा सा इक घर,
यह शहर, यह जगह, यह, मोहल्ला, बस है तो यह
एक अनोखी दुनिया
जिसे हम पहले कहते थे गली का नुक्कड़,
आज वोह है दोस्तों और दोस्ती का मिश्रण
सर्च की कोख से जन्मा यह संगम
चलो, मिलते हैं एक अलौकिक गली में
उसे आप नुक्कड़ कहो… कोई कहे हेंग-आउट
technology वालों ने दिया नाम उसे Google +!

It’s not “Gawd”… open your jaw wide to say, “God”!

Or, again, it’s not “Dawg“, but a jaw-wide-open “Dog”! Again? O, Gawd! Oops, sorry, Oh, God!

A long time ago, Hima Devi – a graduate of Trinity College, England, taught drama to kids at ‘elite’ schools in Mumbai; she also trained them for ‘elocution’, improving their pronunciation, diction, grammar, reading skills, etc. While reading Sam Roberts’ Unlearning to Tawk like a New Yorker, I was transported back in time, into my classroom at middle-school.  Appalled by our diction then, Hima Devi’s rasp cut through our reading session. Her outburst shocked us… a bunch of 24 kids. We were rather shaken by her voice as it jarred on our (then tender) ears; peeking through her smoker’s ‘voice-box’, her anger seemed magnified even further.

[Adding references to “Hima Kala Kendra” after a search in January 2016! ]


Hima 2

Of course, after all these years, I searched for references to Hima Devi on the internet. I think she was quite a lady… in a class of her own… very elegantly turned out, always! My search lead me to this 30th anniversary issue of India Today.

Bhanu Athaiya

It seems that Bhanu Athaiya, costume-designer, and winner of the Academy Award for ‘Gandhi‘ (Richard Attenborough’s 1982 film), once lived with Hima Devi. Hmm… now that’s interesting. I would read the article, “Lost and Found”  in India Today – July 03, 2006 issue.

This issue of India’s # 1 magazine at one point, has another interesting Cover Story, “Golden Moments”, and as used to be the case when I read this magazine fairly regularly, several other facts and figures, which make interesting reading. However, now India Today seems to sport a new look; I wonder if it continues to lead news stories, or if it follows the media maxims of our new era. Ouch.. tweet, tweet!

Well, after all this, I’m still searching for more information on Hima Devi… Amazingly, in cyberspace, there’s so little information available about someone who contributed so much to the theater world. Furthermore, towards grooming school-going kids to enable them speak with finesse… an attribute that often defines an individual’s persona!

But, hey, for all Hima Devi fans, here’s a photo, courtesy Bruce Bayley of UK… how could I possibly forget to mention that  Hima Devi, besides being a theater doyen, also expressed herself through dance!

Shrimati Hima Devi

Thank you, Mr Bayley, and I do hope you will not take offense to this reference. 🙂

Fact checking by media… a fallacy!

Once upon a time, fact-checking, by journalists and reporters of merit, prior to publishing a story, was indeed a fact… but today, sadly, this fact is reduced to an appalling fallacy.

Look all around and what do you see on the news through television, or what we read even in the ‘ostensibly respectable’ press? We see either half-truths, or listen to blatant lies and read quotes that are more like ‘misquotes’!

In a culture where ‘rumors’ are forwarded as ‘truths’ at the push of a few buttons on a keyboard by newbie computer-literates, even ‘seriously professional’ media men – and women – are taking the easy way out. Cut-paste of images using a few photo-editing tools — to appear cool, or catty —  is no longer just fun ‘n’ games… it’s HUGE money-spinning business… scary, if you ask me!

Monetary value aside, at the stroke of a pen (or with the push on a few buttons), the media now topples governments. No, this was not unheard of even in a past era; indeed, the media has always wielded that kind of power. However, somehow, the sheer abuse of technology by lazy, hasty, and greedy reporters has wreaked a different sort of havoc in the world today.

The most powerful media – without doubt – is in the west. The rest of the world tends to emulate the west. Where will it all end, that’s if the end’s not already here? But have we, the people, lost all sense of reasoning? Are our minds now so warped that we are unable to see right from wrong? Is ‘discerning’ out of our dictionaries? Is it simply that the media now controls our individual minds (as opposed to ‘collective thinking’ which leads to superficial thinking) as well? Whom can we trust? Who should we believe? Is there true leadership (a guide) today? Or must we live in a make-believe world with warped values shaped by a manipulative media?

I’m sorry, these thoughts often plague me, but Thomas L. Freidman’s op-ed column in The New York Times… “Too Good to Check” triggered this post.

Somehow, I also recall the three apparitions (witches) telling Macbeth only half-truths… What happened eventually? Doom!

Buried whole…

Vacant days

Empty space

Blank verse

Barren thoughts

Forced words

Deafening silence

Frozen time

Wasted talent

Blinding signals

Glaring darkness

Bottomless hole

Buried whole.

Movie making… an art, technique, or just having fun!

WordPress has extended the video contest… reminds me of all the animotos I put together last year… starting with, The Chase!

The Chase

We can’t quit… until we begin

Attitude on Times Square

Come to Kebec


Captured… in the Big Apple!

Take a hike… to Mahabaleshwar

Gateway to NY

Music from the ‘art

Romancing the Rock

Bonita, Mamma Mia

Movie Time

Scenes from the silver screen

Moving at 80 on the I-80

McGill on Rue Sherbrooke, Montreal



Hot cuppa chai
Mahabaleshwar after the monsoons

Green… it feels good!

Yeh Hai Manhattan


Music off Broadway on Times Square

NY, here I come!

Pack a punch!

Just us… on Fire Island.

NY’s Fire Island

Movie Making… an art

Perhaps I did post some of these here, a while back, but with all of these here together, I can revisit my journeys… enjoying several hours (and days) of real-time travel across countries; taking in the sights and sounds of India, America and O Canada! 😉

Captured in my memories forever, but recapped to view out here in 30 seconds each… creating mashups of my photos with borrowed music. That’s called animation of photos… or, animoto… also referred to bombastically as cinematic artificial intelligence!

Dawn of 2009… talk of Mumbai’s resilience, and…

Talk of perspectives. A couple of days back I referred to NYC – America’s resilient city, comparing it to Mumbai – India’s version of NYC. In my posting are references to a common man’s dispirited view-point of life in Mumbai today.

Today, The New York Times has published Joe Nocera’s account of his journey to Mumbai, just a few days before Christmas last year. He speaks of the city’s “resiliency” from a day-long taxi tour of Bombay, and his attendance, among the select few, at the re-opening of a section at The Taj Mahal hotel, when the elites cheered.

Which side are you on? Which class do you belong to? How have adverse events touched you personally? It is all a matter of perspective, no matter what the issue. With dwindling job prospects in the US in the near future, I wonder how many expats or even corporate types will flock to India to take on offshore positions,  to consider new opportunities, and be prepared to live a new way of life — especially in view of the recent events in Bombay, and under continued security threats across the nation!

With the onset of 2009 today, we have a long year ahead in which short-term views may not provide optimal, easy-to-digest solutions. How much time can we truly take to arrive at palatable solutions?

Resilience: is it a virtue?

Mumbaikars are proud of their resilience

  • serial bomb blasts terrorize the city but they are up and about the following day, going about their business;
  • annually, rains flood their beloved city, making commutes tedious and dangerous for the common man while the local municipality does little to fix the root cause of this problem… but Mumbaiites are resilient, going about their daily life without uproar, taking the routine discomfort in their stride;
  • terrorists gun down scores of people in Bombay “Maximum City“, but ‘Bombay people’ are resilient – for them, life goes on;
  • inflation kills the man on the street, but Mumbaikars are silent on the subject only because they are brimming with resilience

But when I asked a friend last night on ‘chat’: “All well in colaba – back to normal?”, his response was:

“Colaba is okay back to normal…  As you know, poor Mumbaikars have no other option but to work and be on the move. Difficult to live in this city.”

“infact the country is in a mess the politicians have scxxxxd it up.”

“Roads, Rail, Crowd, slums, at least you don’t go thru the issues what we go thru”

“Everything is a bl…y problem. I am praying to God, that our kids don’t go thru this rut and find some better place to live and enjoy this beautiful life.”

“we are destined to live like this. “

“I have lost all the hopes of better India”

“Except for the culture and upbringing here nothing seems to work. Boss, apni Dharti and Motherland is all fine but if I don’t get to live like a normal human being what is the fun”

“I am sure you can never be comfortable in Mumbai. You can be okay if you have tons of money and then willing to ignore the corrupt officials and take life as it comes”

This morning, while reading Edward L. Glaeser’s blog, New York, New York: America’s resilient city, I couldn’t help but recall my chat.

The new year is just around the corner. Does ‘resilience‘ have a virtuous impact on different people across nations and across cities, or does it spell gloom for some, doom for others, but boom only for the chosen few?