Hum Do Daku (1967)

“Us two thieves” would be the literal translation of this 1967 film “Hum Do Daku”. Had never heard of this film, nor do I think I have heard the songs ever… but one ne… Source: Hum Do Daku (1967)

Guide (1965) – Part 3

Well, when the music composer Sachin Dev Burman himself sings two songs out of ten magnificent compositions he created for this film, I choose to place him up here in this post. Perhaps I will also… Source: Guide (1965) – Part 3

Guide (1965) – Part 2

With ten songs to its credit, Guide (1965) certainly merits a Part 2, so here I go. In Part 1, I had posted four giants of not only this film, but which would feature among the top songs of Sachin … Source: Guide (1965) - Part 2

Guide (1965)

Over 50 years ago, surpassing himself in poetic proficiency, Shailendra, the film lyricist par excellence wrote 10 songs for the iconic Hindi film classic “Guide” (1965). With these lyr… Source: Guide (1965)

In Just One Shot!

“Roop Tera Mastana, Pyar mera deevana”…  Make no mistake, “Bhool koi hum se na ho jaaye”. Just this one song, shot in one go, seemed to have catapulted Rajesh Khanna t… Source: In Just One Shot!

In Paris… meeting Mohanjeet!

On 12th October, just over two weeks ago, while strolling along Rue Saint-André des Arts, I suddenly saw this storefront that read, "Diwali". I was delighted. No pun intended. It was still my third day on my first visit to Paris.  😉 The bigger joy followed just moments later, when I met Mohanjeet! I was … Continue reading In Paris… meeting Mohanjeet!


Pancham’s Debut – Chhote Nawab

Although Chhote Nawab's musical success did not bring a mad rush of film makers to Pancham's doorstep, in no way does that undermine the beauty in the songs here...

The song: ‘Saanvre, Saanvre’ – Film “Anuradha” (1960)

Outstanding in every way, 'Saanvre, Saanvre' is a splendid example of lyrics, composition and the singer's voice unifying into a sublime creation! Shailendra the poet-lyricist, sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar, and melodious Lata Mangeshkar were all in their prime, as was the gorgeous actress Leela Naidu making her Hindi film debut with the title role … Continue reading The song: ‘Saanvre, Saanvre’ – Film “Anuradha” (1960)

Lata Mangeshkar ji… kudos to you.

  Now this is a story about conflict between two of Indian Cinema's biggest names who had worked together with great success since the beginning of their major film careers. A fall-out between the two occurred when Lata ji asserted herself raising the issue of royalty to be paid to her; while Raj Kapoor believed … Continue reading Lata Mangeshkar ji… kudos to you.

The “Flying Rani”!

Although a train journey in India is arduous, especially when traveling unreserved, it is always fun, and replete with memorable experiences. 🙂