Movie making… an art, technique, or just having fun!

WordPress has extended the video contest... reminds me of all the animotos I put together last year... starting with, The Chase! The Chase We can't quit... until we begin Attitude on Times Square Come to Kebec S...lush Captured... in the Big Apple! Take a hike... to Mahabaleshwar Gateway to NY Music from the 'art Romancing … Continue reading Movie making… an art, technique, or just having fun!


Flawless… about diamonds, stars, and movies I’ve enjoyed!

Today, I watched "Flawless" starring Michael Caine, Demi Moore, and... diamonds. Not a patch, though, when compared to "Blood Diamond"... which I watched yet again, last night. It lead me to think what an amazing star Leonardo DiCaprio truly is... a mercenary, out from Rhodesia a.k.a. Zimbabwe, "Danny Archer" teams up with "Solomon Vandy", the … Continue reading Flawless… about diamonds, stars, and movies I’ve enjoyed!

We can’t quit… until we begin!

Music Credit: Ponticello; My video: Animoto Locations: Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani

Music from the ‘art… “Kajra re”

Miniature paintings of Rajasthan often follow the theme of "Ragas", the code followed in Indian Classical Music. In recent times, this visual folk art is being rendered through everyday objects (some on the video here, are 'coasters'). The classical music theme on my animoto video is from a cheesy dance number "Kajra Re" choreographed for … Continue reading Music from the ‘art… “Kajra re”

From Martha’s Vineyard to Santa Barbara

Bonita, Mamma Mia! Could someone translate this song - Chloe Temtchine's Que Lo Cura - for me, please? Thanks in advance.

Scenes from the silver screen.

Of course, Animoto is one of my most recent toys, so I decided to play-back some of the scenes that have been memorable during the past few years. I do tend to watch movies largely on DVDs borrowed from the Public Library, so often I've watched movies at home, long after they were running to … Continue reading Scenes from the silver screen.

The 800 miles Chase… in 30 seconds!

Across 800 miles... from the mid-west to NYC... on the I-80! Play the video - The Chase - that I created, using Animoto's cool tool. They have some music freebies too... you could even buy the track, if you wish. Easy-peasy... Artist: Adam Burns Track: Havana RulesThanks, Animoto.