Feel like wiping the smiles off their faces? Like they’ve wiped off millions of jobs!

Humpty-Dumpty sat on a Wall… who had a great fall?

If I'm against the bailout bill, they say I'm "for depression"; If I'm for the bailout plan, I'm "saddled with stupendous taxes". This wasn't about win-win, this was about who crumbles, before the other tumbles! Today, are we certain about who all will suffer from the fall of the mighty great Wall?

Baffled by Bailouts? Vroom with a view!

Read here for Steve Lohr's analysis on the bailout in The New York Times.

Bailouts: the new buzz word; the “wonderful solution”!

While frenzied talks of bailouts are ongoing in the US Congress, European governments have moved to shore up their teetering banks, including the troubled Belgian-Dutch Fortis, Germany's Hypo Real Estate Holding AG and Iceland's Glitnir hf; Bradford & Bingley of UK have joined Northern Rock. Wonderful solutions notwithstanding, markets around the world are crashing, left, … Continue reading Bailouts: the new buzz word; the “wonderful solution”!

Reasons to be smug & smooth… not yet!

Pleading for support, bent on one knee, urging Nancy Pelosi "not to blow it up", could Mr Paulson possibly have worn this expression! Leaving Capitol Hill on Thursday night, wearing a smug smile, does not bode well for the nation. The fate of millions hangs; it reeks of the smile before the slaughter that will … Continue reading Reasons to be smug & smooth… not yet!

The nation’s fury on Bailout ‘charade’!

Follow the link here... to read comments with hundreds of recommendations from registered readers of The New York Times article. "Mr. McCain and his Democratic opponent, Senator Barack Obama, left the White House by a side entrance without commenting." Oops! 😦

Overuse (or misuse) of the word ‘oversight’…

For the longest time I used the word 'oversight' only while referring to inadvertent errors, or omissions resulting from 'not looking at' something. It irks me intensely when 'oversight' is used to express something diametrically opposite to this i.e. to refer to 'supervision' or 'watchful care' (the dictionary meanings). e.g. Taking the ongoing Financial Meltdown … Continue reading Overuse (or misuse) of the word ‘oversight’…