Naina Lal-Kidwai

It seems like eons ago when I met Naina Lal at ANZ Grindlays Bank, in Bombay. She had just joined as head of Merchant Banking. On my very first meeting with her, I was thoroughly impressed - someone whom I instantly admired but was a tad in awe of. My meeting with her, as a … Continue reading Naina Lal-Kidwai


Who needs oil!

Well, when it's so hot, humid, and mind-bogglingly sultry, we may not even need oil! Price - of everything - is up, up, up! So, why bother going to the malls to shop, waste money on gas to get there, or roast in the heat (you'll burn more oil & gas with the air-conditioning high … Continue reading Who needs oil!

World-of-Color, here we come!

Blue-Collars... stay put; Senator Barack Obama needs you! White-Collars... move out; Ford, Continental and United need you to go! World-of-Color... Corporate America needs you! When our bottom-line gets affected, we see red. After pondering awhile, we conclude... black, brown, yellow... how does that matter? (We won't be brushing against them by the water-cooler!) As long … Continue reading World-of-Color, here we come!

Is the No.13 unlucky?

No, not if it's 13 floors in the Mumbai Egg! 32,000 sq. m. squeezed in a building that's egg-shaped. You have to see it, to believe it. Well, look at this futuristic model for now, or wait until 2010, when this iconic 'Cybertecture' is slated for completion. Computer-designed 'columnless' floors engineered using concepts from environmental … Continue reading Is the No.13 unlucky?