Damn the Chocolate!

Chocolat, chocolates, Cadburys, Ferrero Rocher, Godiva or an entire list of brands from A-Z of which some you may chomp on routinely, while ship-loads of others you've never even heard of exist in this world, and just as well. No, please do not drool over what you're about to read. If anything, you may want … Continue reading Damn the Chocolate!

“Diwali ki Mithaas”… lekin, Cadbury’s mein kadvaahat!

After what seems like an era, I read Bachi Karkaria's tongue-in-cheek column, "Erratica". A Google search for her blog lead me instead to this ad for Cadburys.  "Diwali Ki Mithaas", translated from Hindi, reads as "The Sweetness of Diwali". Ironically, I'm reminded of Felicity Loudon's remarks, quoted in UK's Telegraph last month,  just around Diwali, … Continue reading “Diwali ki Mithaas”… lekin, Cadbury’s mein kadvaahat!