India Journal’s review of “Sathvaro Radheshyam No”

In my search for the US schedule of this Gujarati production, I finally found at least one review: India Journal's review for the dance ballet. Now I have the names of all the promoters; national: Natwar Thakkar of 999 Enterprises Inc and Hiren Parpani Productions; regional sponsors: Harshida, Harish, Dhanesh Parmar of Dhanraj & Tisha … Continue reading India Journal’s review of “Sathvaro Radheshyam No”

Trick the eye… wait, this is no scam!

A few days back, I blogged about scams that have ruled the better (or, in this case, worst) part of 2008. But today, as this year draws to a close, I'm referring to trickery of a pleasurable kind... visually pleasing, this art technique involves creating extremely realistic images in two-dimension, but they give you an … Continue reading Trick the eye… wait, this is no scam!

Yet another “forward” titled, “This is shocking”!

Here I am, sipping on my first coffee of the day, opening my mail-box and voila... the most recent email attempts to unnerve me for the rest of the day. But guess what, I'm not shocked, because I've received this not once, but several times from different sources. The visual of a boy with his … Continue reading Yet another “forward” titled, “This is shocking”!

It’s Friday the thirteenth…

Does it actually freak out many people? The National Geographic published an item under its News section, a few years back about how the US lost almost 800-900 million USD on this day only on account of people's superstitions and phobias related to flying or doing business on Friday 13th. If anxiety builds up due … Continue reading It’s Friday the thirteenth…

Gujarati cuisine in New York City

The cuisine of Gujarat is unique. When I came across this reader comment in The New York Times, I craved again for spicy muthia! August 30th, 2007 If you have taste buds that crave for not-so-spicy but zesty food, you’'ve definitely tried Indian cuisine. But now do try some exotic Gujarati savory - – khaman-dhokla, … Continue reading Gujarati cuisine in New York City