Copper Chimney Worli… Paneer laajavaab!

Not since mid '99 have I eaten the mouth-watering Paneer Musallam at Copper Chimney. However, during the past decade I have heard some close friends rave about it endlessly. Reminiscing not only their frequent meals at the restaurant which was right across from their home, but they also narrate tales about their bavarchi,  the ex-chef … Continue reading Copper Chimney Worli… Paneer laajavaab!

Trick the eye… wait, this is no scam!

A few days back, I blogged about scams that have ruled the better (or, in this case, worst) part of 2008. But today, as this year draws to a close, I'm referring to trickery of a pleasurable kind... visually pleasing, this art technique involves creating extremely realistic images in two-dimension, but they give you an … Continue reading Trick the eye… wait, this is no scam!