A story of human resilience… and society’s humaneness!

Tales of compassion, resilience towards life's adversities, and stories of hope in the face of unthinkable challenges are always so fascinating... I just finished reading one such story, "The Hard and the Soft", brought to us by op-ed columnist, David Brooks, of The New York Times. Speaking of Norway's winnings at the recent Winter Olympics, he … Continue reading A story of human resilience… and society’s humaneness!

Dersu Uzala… Kurosawa’s Oscar winner.

Based on a Russian explorer's memoirs of his Far East expedition in the forests around the treacherous river Basin of the Ussuri, this Russian film is directed by Japanese film director, Akira Kurosawa. In early 1902, Vladimir Arseniev has a chance encounter with Dersu Uzala - a native hunter - one of the few remaining, … Continue reading Dersu Uzala… Kurosawa’s Oscar winner.