Of layoffs… something’s not quite right.

Piecemeal layoffs avoid warning laws Yes, this one sounds much like what I expressed almost a year ago. Continuing job losses may signal broad economic shift More on Jobs (Including  a Little Good News) Thanks for the link, EON. Ever Closer to 1982. What to do when you lose your Job (Some advise from various … Continue reading Of layoffs… something’s not quite right.


Overseers are high up on a pedestal. Must we keep paying for their “oversight”!

A while back, I remarked on the fine dividing line that differentiates the two contradictory meanings of the word "oversight" i.e. "watchful care" vs "unintentional omission resulting from failure to notice something". Be it the rating agencies, government regulators, Wall Street honchos, federal watchdogs, or even American citizens... the majority of these 'publics' have turned … Continue reading Overseers are high up on a pedestal. Must we keep paying for their “oversight”!

We play our part… but look who benefits from TARP.

By paying higher taxes, we'll play our part. Where will our tax dollars go... to the Troubled Asset Relief Program, TARP! Who benefits? Here's a list of the Who's Who! Are you sorry it won't be you?

Feel like wiping the smiles off their faces? Like they’ve wiped off millions of jobs!

Baffled by Bailouts? Vroom with a view!

Read here for Steve Lohr's analysis on the bailout in The New York Times.

Bailouts: the new buzz word; the “wonderful solution”!

While frenzied talks of bailouts are ongoing in the US Congress, European governments have moved to shore up their teetering banks, including the troubled Belgian-Dutch Fortis, Germany's Hypo Real Estate Holding AG and Iceland's Glitnir hf; Bradford & Bingley of UK have joined Northern Rock. Wonderful solutions notwithstanding, markets around the world are crashing, left, … Continue reading Bailouts: the new buzz word; the “wonderful solution”!

Reasons to be smug & smooth… not yet!

Pleading for support, bent on one knee, urging Nancy Pelosi "not to blow it up", could Mr Paulson possibly have worn this expression! Leaving Capitol Hill on Thursday night, wearing a smug smile, does not bode well for the nation. The fate of millions hangs; it reeks of the smile before the slaughter that will … Continue reading Reasons to be smug & smooth… not yet!

It’s Friday the thirteenth…

Does it actually freak out many people? The National Geographic published an item under its News section, a few years back about how the US lost almost 800-900 million USD on this day only on account of people's superstitions and phobias related to flying or doing business on Friday 13th. If anxiety builds up due … Continue reading It’s Friday the thirteenth…

Who needs oil!

Well, when it's so hot, humid, and mind-bogglingly sultry, we may not even need oil! Price - of everything - is up, up, up! So, why bother going to the malls to shop, waste money on gas to get there, or roast in the heat (you'll burn more oil & gas with the air-conditioning high … Continue reading Who needs oil!