$200,000 go up in thin air!

For those following this story, just imagine! Today, Michel Fournier was going to make history if he broke the records by falling off from the stratosphere. Alas, the helium-filled balloon would have been worth every cent of the $200,000 (no error in the zeroes) it cost, if only... But in what seemed to be a … Continue reading $200,000 go up in thin air!

‘The Great Leap’ to be attempted by 64-year-old!

Michel Fournier, a retired French army officer has been preparing for this day for 20 years, having spent just as many million dollars - yes, 20 million dollars - in his search to enable him fly as high as almost 25 miles (that’s 132,000 feet) above ground level in about two hours - so he … Continue reading ‘The Great Leap’ to be attempted by 64-year-old!