Watch your kite soar!

In Indian cinema, poets and lyricists have expressed the joys and sorrows of people, through songs using the humble kite as a metaphor. Watching your kite soar, caressing the skies on a clear day is a simple delight. Across the oceans to the west, or bending far over in the orient's east, you see kites … Continue reading Watch your kite soar!


Wassup @FaceBook… Find out!

Yeah, hadn't posted much, have been active on twitter (yeah, tell me what's new... you knew that, eh), and somewhat tired of facebook - will soon try the digital detox. But there's this site called Surti Masti - a facebook page for those who read Gujarati, or wish to read in English about Gujarat and … Continue reading Wassup @FaceBook… Find out!

Sathvaro Radhe Shyam No… Nilesh Thakkar and Arpita Thakkar!

Yesterday I heard rave reviews from friends in Los Angeles about this Gujarati ballet.  They drove 70 miles each way on 21st July to see this fabulous production, and said it was worth every penny and every minute of their time. Having never heard these friends utter such superlatives, I was rather impressed. More so, … Continue reading Sathvaro Radhe Shyam No… Nilesh Thakkar and Arpita Thakkar!

Gujarati cuisine in New York City

The cuisine of Gujarat is unique. When I came across this reader comment in The New York Times, I craved again for spicy muthia! August 30th, 2007 If you have taste buds that crave for not-so-spicy but zesty food, you’'ve definitely tried Indian cuisine. But now do try some exotic Gujarati savory - – khaman-dhokla, … Continue reading Gujarati cuisine in New York City