Yesterday was one day when the whole world seemed to drive me a tad mad. I've got over that now, and was determined to reproduce my article, which was published several years back... Hampi is one of my most favorite travel destinations, and I often search for new websites and updated information regarding the ongoing … Continue reading Hampi


“Interesting Facts about India”… I’m tired of the boast statements!

Every other day, my Inbox has a 'new' email which reflects the glories of India and Indians. While I'm indeed happy for this country, her countrymen (women, and children) and all their successes, I'm kind of tired of reading emails forwarded by hundreds of people, en masse, literally. It seems that the people who created … Continue reading “Interesting Facts about India”… I’m tired of the boast statements!

Hampi: Excerpt from “Romance on the Rocks”

16th Centuy chariot in stone at Vitthala Temple complex - Hampi, Karnataka, India... listed as a World Heritage Site for no small reason! It's one of my favorite destinations... and holds fond memories. Today, a mere symbol, Hampi represented a cultural force between the 14th-15th centuries. It was originally a sacred centre on the banks … Continue reading Hampi: Excerpt from “Romance on the Rocks”