Ad Agency layoffs

In Spring 2008, when I referred to layoffs at marketing companies and ad agencies, some smart alecks scoffed at my words, merrily mocking me and my writing. Numerous people holding jobs then dropped pearls of wisdom... "Network, get yet another degree (since my MBA does not seem to cut it), or better still, change your … Continue reading Ad Agency layoffs


Till death do us part…

That is the note on which the marrying couple's vows end... oh yes, not to forget the kiss that binds both partners. But, when either one of the couple dies, the marriage "contract" ends. However, I'm now referring to debt after death, which can be akin to the kiss of death... this happy couple's story … Continue reading Till death do us part…

Shifting Careers… they never write, they never call.

Now, they even think my comments are inappropriate (or who knows, may be irrelevant?) and do not publish them... boy, am I amused! Yesterday, I was reading Michael Melcher's rather common sense advice on how to handle the silence, which job-seekers are faced with during their job search endeavors. There were about 11 comments from … Continue reading Shifting Careers… they never write, they never call.

Bank buckles… Citi grabs Wachovia!

For just a buck a share! "All deposits are fully protected.... Wachovia did not fail; rather, it is to be acquired by Citigroup Inc. on an open bank basis with assistance from the FDIC." “For Wachovia customers, today’s action will ensure seamless continuity of service from their bank and full protection for all of their … Continue reading Bank buckles… Citi grabs Wachovia!