“Robyn Davidson” quotes I love… but who is Robyn?

“And there are new kinds of nomads, not people who are at home everywhere, but who are at home nowhere. I was one of them ” ― Robyn Davidson, Desert Places This quote caught my attention right away. I knew I had to watch the film until the very end... no falling asleep like I … Continue reading “Robyn Davidson” quotes I love… but who is Robyn?


Let us be optimistic…

Last night I received some news that was rather upsetting... it was at a personal level. But before going to bed I gave the issue some thought and decided that some things are beyond one's control. However, even in the midst of an adverse situation, if I remain optimistic, disallowing negative thoughts to plague my … Continue reading Let us be optimistic…

Automated Voice-Message Systems

"Aren't you bored in the burbs?" When someone asked me with unconcealed curiosity, I pondered awhile. On reflecting, I see this picture... While cooling my heels between jobs, As Marketing Consultant, Account Director, or a Project Manager; While I'm reeling from stumbles, Through vain attempts to have me humbled by upstarts at start-ups; Or again, … Continue reading Automated Voice-Message Systems