Delightfully Quirky!

Catch the ad bug; beware that hostile brush with hospitality! Indeed, "A Dance with the Corporate Ton: Reflections of a Worker Ant" is, as I've trumpeted,  'Delightfully Quirky!' Autobiographical. This is Lata Subramanian's first book, but the author's writing efforts are commendable. Lata has pulled those pages from her career which were most memorable to … Continue reading Delightfully Quirky!


Please Mr Postman!

Post script Post mortem Post office Post card Post menopause Post partum Post natal Post-It Post Oak Post Industrial Post War Post Capitalism Post Socialist Post 9/11 Post 11/26 Post surgery Post nasal Post operative Post graduate Post doctoral Post orbital Write any number of posts in this era of facebook, wordpress, blogger, or comment … Continue reading Please Mr Postman!

Technology Turns…

  Facebook का यह मेला क्या है? अजी समझो, यह एक भूल भुलैया है 'गर अन्दर गए, तो फिर बाहर आने की कोशिश, मान लो आप, वोह बेकार ही है. अब ले लो इस बला को जिसे कहते हैं लोग ट्विट्टर ... पंछियों की इस चह-चहाट में ढूँढें किस तरह से हम कोयल की उस … Continue reading Technology Turns…

In an impending credit card debacle, who will be blamed?

My personal maxim has always been, if you've spent the money, pay for it... pay it all, before you're even billed (or reminded)! It doesn't matter whether I have a revolving credit line, or whether I'm using a charge card, or whether I borrowed 10 bucks from my mother with whom I lived for a … Continue reading In an impending credit card debacle, who will be blamed?

Now, it’s I, back in business, talking of the now-official “recession” in the US.

Yes, that's right... It took the US government an entire year to surmise that the country has indeed been in recession since last December! I guess, individuals can sense the slump and slowing pulse, way ahead, but officially, a doctor must wait for all the test results to come through, before declaring that the patient … Continue reading Now, it’s I, back in business, talking of the now-official “recession” in the US.

Shifting Careers… they never write, they never call.

Now, they even think my comments are inappropriate (or who knows, may be irrelevant?) and do not publish them... boy, am I amused! Yesterday, I was reading Michael Melcher's rather common sense advice on how to handle the silence, which job-seekers are faced with during their job search endeavors. There were about 11 comments from … Continue reading Shifting Careers… they never write, they never call.

Humpty-Dumpty sat on a Wall… who had a great fall?

If I'm against the bailout bill, they say I'm "for depression"; If I'm for the bailout plan, I'm "saddled with stupendous taxes". This wasn't about win-win, this was about who crumbles, before the other tumbles! Today, are we certain about who all will suffer from the fall of the mighty great Wall?

Baffled by Bailouts? Vroom with a view!

Read here for Steve Lohr's analysis on the bailout in The New York Times.

“Vamoose!” says Chase… WaMu makes way!

First, it was Bear Stearns. Now, as they say, "It's business, as usual". Do we have a say? WaMu Customers, Welcome to JPMorgan Chase>

Overuse (or misuse) of the word ‘oversight’…

For the longest time I used the word 'oversight' only while referring to inadvertent errors, or omissions resulting from 'not looking at' something. It irks me intensely when 'oversight' is used to express something diametrically opposite to this i.e. to refer to 'supervision' or 'watchful care' (the dictionary meanings). e.g. Taking the ongoing Financial Meltdown … Continue reading Overuse (or misuse) of the word ‘oversight’…