The Wisdom Tree film… a spiritual journey that traverses farther yonder!

On a dark, stormy night, driving on an empty road in Northern California, Steve Hamilton, a self-conflicted quantum physicist meets with an implausibly bizarre car accident! Dr. Trisha Rao, a compassionate but unwavering neurologist attending to Steve’s injuries, and an anguished FBI Agent, Mike Parker, attempt to untangle this baffling accident. The mystery deepens as … Continue reading The Wisdom Tree film… a spiritual journey that traverses farther yonder!


Metabo, o-ba-ue-to, kajuu, overgrown girth!

Oh no, when that happens to the Japanese, they run a risk that exceeds far more than the mere embarrassment of trouser buttons popping open! They run the risk of being singled out as 'obese' in their workplace! The world is aware that the Japanese are an extremely hard working people; they don't shirk their … Continue reading Metabo, o-ba-ue-to, kajuu, overgrown girth!

“Seeking high adventure? Embrace Science!”

Almost every other day, my close buddy, a research scientist, draws my attention to the zillion ways in which science and math penetrate every little facet of our lives and existence. I marvel at the cumulative effort of thousands of scientists, that makes the little and big differences even in our day-to-day activities, all of … Continue reading “Seeking high adventure? Embrace Science!”

‘The Great Leap’ to be attempted by 64-year-old!

Michel Fournier, a retired French army officer has been preparing for this day for 20 years, having spent just as many million dollars - yes, 20 million dollars - in his search to enable him fly as high as almost 25 miles (that’s 132,000 feet) above ground level in about two hours - so he … Continue reading ‘The Great Leap’ to be attempted by 64-year-old!