We can’t quit… until we begin!

Music Credit: Ponticello; My video: Animoto Locations: Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani

I’m visiting NYC – What should I do?

Well, if you're not sure when you'll be here, here's my two cents worth. Last summer, I offered some of my Readers' Suggestions in the New York Times. Since then, much has changed on the economic scene, but some of these basic ways of enjoying a visit to New York City remain, regardless of the … Continue reading I’m visiting NYC – What should I do?


From Martha’s Vineyard to Santa Barbara

Bonita, Mamma Mia! Could someone translate this song - Chloe Temtchine's Que Lo Cura - for me, please? Thanks in advance.

The 800 miles Chase… in 30 seconds!

Across 800 miles... from the mid-west to NYC... on the I-80! Play the video - The Chase - that I created, using Animoto's cool tool. They have some music freebies too... you could even buy the track, if you wish. Easy-peasy... Artist: Adam Burns Track: Havana RulesThanks, Animoto.


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